April! Well, close enough.

A new week begins tomorrow! I was wrong about about our class; we are starting “Teams and Team Leaders” tomorrow morning. It will last for two weeks. It’s going to be interesting because we’ve really managed to bond with the people that went through the last two modules with us…and only two are left from those twelve – and now, we have to work on “team building” with 12 NEW people that we haven’t met yet. It should be interesting!! We’re looking forward to the challenge; who knows what’s going to happen? We already know we’ll be doing “team building” challenges with some head honchos from the restaurant Chic-Fil-A. Trust me, I will keep you posted!

I’ve posted some pictures on Facebook from our bonfire on Wednesday, a cookout on Thursday, and our weekend with my friend from high school, Tim, and his wonderful wife, Joy. They live in Greenville, South Carolina, and are both grads of Bob Jones University. I never got to go to BJU to compete in the National AACS Fine Arts Competition, so Tim drove us around the campus so I could FINALLY say I’d been there! 🙂 Enjoy the pictures!