We just got back from a whirlwind trip to South Dakota. I needed to see our dentist friend for some major work that he saw I needed done when we had our check-ups in January. It needed to be done this year and he needed a minimum of a week to complete it all. Getting the job at our church put a little snafoo in our travel plans, so we couldn’t go the beginning of summer as originally planned, nor early August. This was really the only viable option, but it had to be fast! So, we did in two days what normally takes us close to a week: Drive to SD with two small children in the van.


P1010795Crazy? Yes, yes it was. But, it actually was worth it. We were able to just GET THERE instead of prolonging the horrible drive.

We enjoyed over a week with Brian’s family and it felt like a vacation – something we haven’t had in years. They went camping for Labor Day weekend and we didn’t spend the nights, but we spent two days with them. The kids absolutely loved being at the lake, in the water, in the paddle boats, at the campfire, four-wheeling, and playing with cousins. They were exhausted, sun burned, and full of sand when we brought them back to the grandparents’ each night! So worth it.

::Trying to get a good pictures of six kids under 4 is... interesting. L-R: Joseph sitting with Esten, Esten's best friend Jackson (not a cousin), Denali with baby brother Conner, and Elena in the front row.
::Trying to get a good pictures of six kids under 4 is… interesting. L-R: Joseph sitting with Esten, Esten’s best friend Jackson (not a cousin), Denali with baby brother Conner, and Elena in the front row.

I got my dental work in two appointments. The first went well, but included four hours of sedation, so I was exhausted for a day and a half really. The second appointment was only an hour (by comparison that was a cinch!) and then I was done! Praise the Lord that even the “minimum” amount of work that he thought for sure he’d have to do, he didn’t have to do. We are so thankful for our friends who gave of their time and resources to do this work for me for relatively nothing. HUGE blessing!

sunset in minnesota on the drive home.
sunset in minnesota on the drive home.

Now, we’re back in PA with no real trips planned until probably next year. I know, sounds unbelievable, right?! It felt really strange driving back to PA knowing that we were going “home” with no plans for an impending international move.. or any move at all.

Tomorrow begins the fall classes at our church, which for me means that all the prep I’ve been doing this summer is coming to fruition. Tomorrow is a special program at church – we’re participating in National Back to Church Sunday – so we’ll have our kid’s church program, Kidz Alive, do its kick-off. Wednesday, the 11th, we begin Pioneer Clubs, in which I’ll be leading and also teaching the younger children’s club. Next Sunday, we begin Sunday School.

Brian is still working on the BCM website and now, with universities back in session, we’re getting info on missions conferences and being asked to represent BCM at different places. Brian will begin planning, with the rest of his team, some missions trips for 2014 in order to present them at the conferences.

I will be doing more teacher training at area conferences, the first in October in New Jersey at a 2-day event. I’m looking forward to it, but a little nervous since it’s new to me and I’ll probably be going without the family.

September is also birthday month for our kiddos! Can you believe they’re going to be 3 and 1?! Elena is already looking forward to age 4, though, so she can “go to school” like all of her friends and cousins!

Thanks for praying for us on our cross-country trip! Now it’s back to business… all of which we enjoy thoroughly and can’t wait to get started on again!