The News!

We are excited to finally announce our positions! I will announce them here in a nutshell; the more expanded version is in our newsletter that will go out later today. If you’d like additional information, please drop us a note!

Our ministries with BCM conveniently all start with “M”:

  1. Media: working on the website and doing writing weekly for internal newsletters
  2. Mentoring: mentoring new candidates as they prepare for the field
  3. Master trainer: I will be doing more teacher training and becoming what is called a “master trainer” within BCM
  4. Mobilization: representatives for BCM and also working with the short-term department to plan, train, and lead vision trips around the world.

In addition to BCM, we have partnered with Missionary Retreat Fellowship to help run the facility. This is the part of our new ministries that took the longest to finalize since there had to be a working partnership between BCM and MRF. We were actually contacted about MRF back in like October, but kept it really to ourselves in case it just didn’t work out. It took a lot of prayer and quite a few meetings to make this come about, but we are so excited about this opportunity! We are in charge of the homes and the hospitality. This is right up our alley and we’re ecstatic about living and working here. This also allows us to be much more involved in our home church and we love that.

We don’t know yet how much extra support we will need to raise, but we will send out a newsletter in the near future letting you know what that is. If you have additional questions about all this, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks for your patience with us and we hope this is as exciting an announcement for you as it was for us!


Beautiful May!

May is probably one of my favorite months here in the States. Mostly because of the lilacs. I have missed lilacs so much! I noticed some bushes are about to bloom here at MRF and I can’t wait! It’ll drive Brian’s allergies insane, but you know, sometimes you gotta take one for the team. 😉

Last week, Brian worked extensively on finishing up the floors in one of the units here at MRF, so he spent two days almost entirely on his knees scraping glue off the floors in the entire house. He sanded the floors and they look absolutely amazing; it’s like a whole new house. He’s repainted, fixed the walls, and now worked on the floors. He loves this kind of work, so even though his knees took a beating, he really didn’t care.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 7th, we will have our final meeting to confirm our ministry plans. We can’t wait to let you know what’s up! Just to see how God has moved and led and opened doors – it’s really quite awesome.

Since our updates on life are pretty quiet right now, here’s some updates on our lovely kiddos:

  • Elena is talking up a storm! We are constantly amazed at her growing vocabulary. She’ll come out with a whole sentence of brand new words and we’ll go, “Where did THAT come from?!” 
  • She’s starting to really sing. We heard her yesterday sitting on the swing outside, “A B C’s I know you, A B C’s…” It was super cute.
  • She loves her “cuna” (nursery) at church and her teachers are awesome. She spent last week telling us that “Jesus is alive in me” and “Jesus loves you and you and you and Joe-Joe!” (her brother)
  • Her favorite game right now is hide and seek. She’ll say, “Hide and seek me? You three.” Meaning, “Play hide and seek with me? You count.”
  • She is always very concerned about her brother and if she hears him crying will come running into the room, “Joe-Joe! Okay?!”
  • We cook together a few times a week, mostly desserts. But, she loves cooking with Mama. And then she helps with “dises” (dishes).
  • She’s potty-trained! Finally. phew. She’s even getting up at night by herself, which is awesome.
  • Joseph has got to be pushing 20lbs. He’s got thunder thighs and cankles (no ankles) and is the CUTEST little boy you have EVER seen, I promise you that.
  • He is trying very, very hard to crawl. He sits and rocks until he finally face-plants on the floor and then works so hard to get where he wants to go. Right now, that’s resulting in either rolling around on the floor or army-crawling…backwards.
  • We have an actual walker that moves around and Joseph loves that thing. He runs around the entire house! The other night I was making dinner and saw him go into Elena’s room, come back out, come see me, go into my room, come back and see me, and then went back to Elena’s room. He has so much fun in that thing.
  • He’s still not eating solid food even though he’s 7mos old. Every time we start, he seems to get sick, so we stop. And some of the food he’s absolutely hated, so that doesn’t help either. This week, he’ll be trying sweet potatoes; hopefully that will go a little better.
  • He’s got 2 teeth with 1 more basically in and another one on the way. Why my kids get all their teeth all at once, I will never know. But, at least they’re done by the time they’re 1!




Another month is on its way out. Clocks must run faster when you have children because I don’t remember time going so fast a few  years ago! 🙂

Last week, we went down to BCM’s absolutely gorgeous Camp Sankanac in order to do a little bit of training for the new candidates at their orientation. The weather was gorgeous, so after the drive down, we got the kids out and went for a walk around the campground. If you’ve never been down there or if you’re looking for a great summer camp for your kids, check into it. It’s absolutely beautiful!

There were six candidates; a few have been working with BCM for years and are now becoming full-time missionaries, so that was fun. Elena enjoyed playing with one of the children whose parents were in CO. She probably drove him nuts, constantly asking him if he liked her boots or wanted to play hide and seek (her words: “hide and seek me?”). We were only down there for one night, but it was really nice seeing co-workers again.

I just sent out a newsletter and it explains a bit why we aren’t able to announce our next ministry, so if you don’t receive our updates, please drop me a note so I can add you to our list!

Have a great week!


Spring Sprang



Oh, I wish I could’ve bottled up last week’s weather and kept it all year round! It was so incredibly beautiful in our backyard Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! We played outside almost all day, every day. It felt so good to be out and about and expending energy on our porch and in our backyard.



Thursday afternoon, we joined the seniors at our church for lunch, which is always a blast. If there’s a group of people we most enjoy spending time with, it’s probably them! The meal was awesome, of course, and then we were able to share for about 20 minutes about our ministry in Peru. Then, I closed with different ways they can pray specifically for missionaries. Hopefully it gave them some insight into missionaries’ lives that they may not have thought of before.

This week is relatively quiet. We’re looking forward to a date night Friday thanks to some tickets given to us for a banquet. Then Saturday afternoon, my sister and her husband will come for a short (way too short!) visit. I can’t WAIT to spend time with them!!

For now, I suppose I should go color with my daughter and, unfortunately, close the patio door as the sun has disappeared and the temperature is dropping. Have a lovely week!

Good Morning!

Things are going so very well here in Lake Ariel. It looks like we know what our ministry is going to be and very soon we will be able to share it with you. We are waiting on little details to fall into place here within the next couple of weeks and then we can finally share with you how God has led us! About time, huh? Keep praying as we finalize everything, that it would go smoothly and that transition would be simple. Barring no issues or problems, we should be able to send out a newsletter very soon.

This week, we are looking forward to speaking at a luncheon at our church for those 60+. We love this group of people and are looking forward to spending time with them.

We are working diligently on our two hours of training we will be doing at Candidate Orientation on the 24th. Brian is so excited about the topics we have – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him so excited about teaching! This is how he normally is about building! 🙂

I am working this month in Elena’s class during church – the notorious 2’s and 3’s. It’s a big class and they are not horribly disciplined, so it’s interesting. But, I’m proud of my little girl –  I was afraid she’d be disobedient or even clingy, especially as I held other children. But, she did great (at least yesterday – that might be a different story at the end of the month!). I love teaching kids, but I have to admit that 2’s and 3’s are not my strong point, so I’m honing my skills…and my patience… this month.

Here’s some sweet pictures of my kids — some joy to start your week.

e is loving playing with her baby brother now that he's a bit more interactive!
e is loving playing with her baby brother now that he’s a bit more interactive!
my Bible study buddy. We sit in the sun in front of our patio doors every afternoon.
my Bible study buddy. We sit in the sun in front of our patio doors every afternoon.

Pre-Easter Week and Easter Sunday Joy

She found the bag of cookies in the car on the way down. This is what I turned around to find...
She found the bag of cookies in the car on the way down. This is what I turned around to find…

We’re back from NC! Safe and sound – and healthy! A nasty, nasty flu was running rampant through the church down there and God must’ve placed us in a nice, little bubble because neither our family nor the family we stayed with got sick the whole time we were there. phew!

I wish I had thought to take more pictures – that’s my only regret from the week. So, I don’t really have any to share with you. You’ll just have to take my word for stuff!

Friday evening, we spent time with a small group, sharing about our time in Peru and missions in general. Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings we got to meet different families from the church as they provided meals for us. Tuesday, our friends insisted we go on a date night with no kids in tow – something we haven’t done since before Joseph was born! It was so nice having time to ourselves.

Sunday morning, I volunteered to teach their 1st-4th grade class and it was actually a good idea in the end since their teacher came down with the flu as well! I love teaching, so that was really fun for me. Then in the afternoon was the training for their children’s ministry workers. Thanks to the flu, the attendance was literally half – only 25. I say “only” pretty tongue-in-cheek because that seems like a pretty good group to me! The training went very well and I hope it was beneficial to their future work with the kids in the area.

Elena really enjoyed her time down there, especially since our friends live on a little farm. She loved the pigs and ducks. We just wish it had been a tad warmer so she could’ve spent more time outside!

She loved the tractor!
She loved the tractor!



Sunday morning was our first Easter back in the States. Our church does Easter big and it was really, really nice. We made it to the sunrise service, even though the kids were still in their jammies – at least we were there! There was even a baptism during the morning service. Then yesterday evening, we had my parents over for dinner. A wonderful end to a really great Resurrection Day.

coloring a picture of Jesus for G&G
coloring a picture of Jesus for G&G
Even Joseph joined in! He started cereal on Saturday - the same day his first tooth made its grand entrance!
Even Joseph joined in! He started cereal on Saturday – the same day his first tooth made its grand entrance!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration and are ready for a brand new month, with whatever is in store for each of us. Happy April!

A Trip!

We’ve had a lovely month and a half of sitting still and getting acclimated to life back in PA, but it’s time to go on another trip! We leave Wednesday morning for North Carolina and will be down there for a week. Looks like we picked a great week to head south, too, considering the weather forecast for this week up here in PA! You would think the middle of March would equal spring, but I guess NE PA didn’t get that memo. So it’ll be nice to be a little further south for a week and get a little bit of warmth! I hafta tell ya – we sure do miss the Peruvian summer happening right now! At least Elena is getting her fill playing in the snow!

So yes, we will be in NC all this week. I will be teaching Sunday afternoon which I’m looking forward to. We’re especially looking forward to spending time with our friends and meeting their families.

Before I sign off this morning, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my evening with the Pioneer Clubs at our church last week. It’s been awhile since I’ve taught kids in English and I was actually a little nervous! But, it went very well. The kids were very attentive and curious about life in Peru and missions work. They asked some great questions…. you know, typical ones like, “What’s the government like in Peru? Is it socialist or capitalist?” ha! Not quite what I was expecting! In the end, I just really hope the kids were challenged to be missionaries where they’re at and serve the Lord however they can. Here’s a little picture of me teaching:



When we get back from NC I will be working on a newsletter to send out. Of course, if you follow our blog weekly, there won’t be a lot of new information in there this time! But, we will be sharing a bit of what we talked about with our V.P. so be watching for that! We had a great meeting last week and we are all excited about our future with BCM.

Have a wonderful week! I leave you with a fun picture of my kids, bonding last week under Elena’s Peruvian quilt: