Happy Thanksgiving!

…because ‘picture perfect’ is so cliche…

Top 10 things we’re thankful for in 2016 (in no particular order):

  1. E being able to attend, for the 2nd year, a wonderful Christian school.
  2. A new van since the old one was progressively less reliable!
  3. Trip to South Dakota to visit family & friends.
  4. New Supporters!!
  5. Being almost out of the red in our support fund!!
  6. Our life at MRF – getting to know fascinating people and helping them out during sometimes difficult transitional times. We’re also thankful for the Board who takes such good care of our family.
  7. Amazing, supportive friends, both here in PA and around the world. We have a truly great support system who are basically in the same stage of life we are and our kids are able to grow up together.
  8. Our church family.
  9. Healthy, funny, happy children.
  10. Being given opportunities within BCM that we never would’ve dreamed possible just a few years ago. We are constantly thrilled with what we are allowed to be a part of, especially as it impacts global missions.

The Lord truly takes care of us. We have never found this to be more true than during the times we have felt the most lacking. This year, our support level dropped substantially for the first time since we began this journey in 2008. However, we have never once lacked for a thing this year, even though our bank account and support fund screamed at us that it should be otherwise! There is zero logical explanation for this. God simply takes care of us. We have seen His love and care for us in ways that would take much more than one simple blog to explain. Not the least of which happened just recently when we opened an unassuming envelope to find a check with a simple note: “Go buy Christmas gifts for your family.” I stood in the kitchen and cried because God knows we do not deserve things like that! “Grateful” barely begins to describe our hearts this year.

So, we thank you – for reading this blog, praying for us (even if it’s just in passing as you skim these notes!), supporting us emotionally or financially, and just being a part of our ministry. We say it every year, but the truth of the matter is, we could not do or be where we are without all of you. It’s truly a team effort.

From our little house in the woods to yours, wherever you may be: Thank you.

And Happy Thanksgiving!



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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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