Finishing Fall


Unfortunately the leaves don’t look like this anymore! They are mostly gone with just a few stubborn trees hanging on still. It’s beginning to look more dreary. It’s already flurried once and it’s COLD when we ship our daughter off to school in the mornings! However, I say that, and yet today it’s supposed to be around 70* again! We can’t complain too loud!

Brian has seen the doctor about his back and was told it’s a herniated disc and just to take it easy and not lift things over 20lbs. He’s been doing more work and has noticed that lifting is not nearly as painful as before. He’s looking into some other ideas to help his back heal more fully. It’s been such a slow process; he still struggles with not getting discouraged. Getting back to work has made him feel more like himself again, though, so that’s good! We also are SO THANKFUL for all of YOU who blessed him with sweet cards over the last few weeks after I sent out the plea via email (if you’re not on our newsletter list, you missed that one! Sign up today!). It really did encourage him – thank you for taking the time to write those!!

Only one home will be mostly vacant this winter. Every other home on the property will have residents throughout the rest of 2016 and most of 2017. We’re really enjoying getting to know everyone on the property these days. Really unique families with unique backgrounds and ministries.

Brian is hoping to finish siding at least one more side of the main house before the snow flies. He finished winterizing the pavilion, including digging (very slowly, on his knees) a trench to help drainage around it. I’m not sure what all his plans are for the next few months since the homes will be full.

With BCM, he finished designing the 2017 calendar (and it looks awesome!). Right now we’re working on a Christmas catalog and I have two articles on my plate for December’s BCM World. This Friday is the annual BCM Banquet in Lancaster which we won’t be able to attend this year. However, if you’re in Lancaster and would like to go – please do! It’s a great opportunity to hear in person what God is doing through BCM around the world.

Church has been going very well. We’re running just about 30 kids both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in our main programs, along with 20 kids in the younger classes and 10-15 in the nurseries! We packed 10 shoeboxes together on Wednesday night for Operation Christmas Child. In two weeks, the Sunday morning kids will take “law enforcement survival kits” to the local State Police Department. They’ve been contributing candy and we’ll put them into little bags with a cute note and a booklet (“How Good is Good Enough?”) and a business card with the church info on it and hand deliver them to the officers after church. My goal is to have one service project in both the fall and spring semesters for the Sunday and Wednesday kids and so far, so good!




Kids are doing well! They were sick with nasty colds for awhile, but nothing too drastic or abnormal. E just went on a field trip with the 1st & 2nd grades to the Crayola Factory and Brian got to go with her! I think it’s pretty awesome that her dad was able to take time out to go with her and they had a great time.

You can be praying with us that we can find a good pediatric dentist for Big J. He needs dental work and we had a very traumatic experience last Friday in the process. I need to find him a pediatric dentist right away. Poor kid; dentists are not going to be his friend anymore than they were mine I think.

A formal newsletter will be going out soon! If you’re not on our list, drop us a note and we’ll add you.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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