Unexpected Blessings

We knew back in August that E’s Christian school (the elementary school part of it) were taking on MRF as their offering project this year. I had volunteered to come in and share about MRF’s ministry in person so the kids could understand where their offering was going, but I had no idea when that presentation would be. I got the call Monday that they wanted me on Wednesday! A last minute change meant I could come in and speak to the elementary kids! The only caveat: I had 35 minutes and the last few presentations we’ve done, we’ve had no more than 10! So, I did some quick rearranging, adjusting, adding, and practicing between Monday evening and Tuesday and finally felt prepared by Wednesday morning. Chapel went very well – it was K4-Grade 6, so quite a large group with varied ages, but it was so fun. They were attentive and the feedback from the teachers was that it really helped with understanding the ministry out here. Mission Accomplished.

This week was kind of an unofficial relaunch of our MRF Facebook page. It took a hiatus for a while for a number of reasons, but I am starting to keep it much more current now. If you are on Facebook, please Like our page! Search “Missionary Retreat Fellowship”

Brian’s back is not getting any better. Though not particularly getting worse, he is not seeing great improvement either. So, he was floored when he found out the Board had decided to put together a work crew to do the one roof that really needed new shingles before winter! Today is that work day and they’ve been here since 8. One board member even came last night and began the work since he knew he couldn’t be here all day. Brian is the official runner, nail fetcher, etc. It’s torture for him, but he knows he has to take it easy. We’re just so thankful for these guys that are giving their time to get this roof done! It was in pretty rough shape and the family living there is very grateful.

Brian will see a doctor on Monday and figure out a game plan for his back. Please continue to pray for him as the pain can get pretty intense.

I leave you with a picture of our {drained!} lake at the bottom of the MRF road – fall is gorgeous in NEPA!



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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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