Online Giving Link

We realized we haven’t shared our online giving link recently! BCM has made it super simple to give online to our missionaries. Click here for the link. This takes you beyond just the generic giving page on the website and directly to our own profile. You can set up automatic withdrawals from there as well.

Our support is slowly increasing; we have had two new supporters join us this year! We are still in the red for our general account, so any one-time gifts are being placed directly in there. Having funds in our general allows for months when our support does not all come in or if an emergency arises and currently our general fund is in the red.

The page above, Support News 2016, gives a more detailed account of what we do and how you can be involved. We are always excited to share about our ministries, so if you’d like to meet for coffee with one or both of us, set up a dinner date (our place or yours!), or drop us an email, please do so! We are willing, and able, to come to churches and share in person about our ministries or if you’d like to hear about BCM or MRF specifically. Just let us know!

Thank you, above all, for caring for us by reading our blog and keeping up with what we do, praying for us and our children, and being involved in our ministries. We simply could not continue serving the Lord in these capacities without your help.

Our beautiful MRF. The directional sign lists our current residents – a full house!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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