Weekend in VT

Thursday morning, we loaded up and headed up to Vermont!

We were a little wired to be visiting Uncle Andy, Aunt Tanya, and their dog, Ziva!

The trip up went very well and we arrived in the evening, just in time to celebrate, officially, E’s 6th birthday. Her Aunt made them a special dinner and a cake and we had transported gifts from their SD grandparents so they were thrilled!


Friday morning, we went down to the church (check them out here) and visited with the pastor for awhile. So, back story on this pastor: he was basically my dad’s intern and then associate years ago, then he took his family to Honduras and were missionaries there for a long time. They transitioned to Houston for a few years and are now back in Vermont. At one point, he was even in Peru doing some pastor training and we got to see him for a bit, which was a big encouragement at the time. It’s really neat to have them back in VT. Definitely a highlight of the weekend was sitting and talking with someone who knows what it’s like to be in missions, knew what kinds of questions to ask, and just let us talk, debrief, unload, and share the ups and downs of ministry.

Saturday, the church was having pictures done for a new directory and since we’re missionaries of the church, we joined right in. The kids did awesome (well, minus Baby J wanting to walk off with all the props in the middle of the session). Brian took them back to my sister’s while I had lunch with a good friend (another blessing, just being able to sit and chat with a high school friend, uninterrupted, for a few hours).

Sunday morning, I spoke in the children’s Sunday School class. They had a good size group:


We had about 10 minutes during the morning service. We had a great response and felt like the church family really connected with us and the ministry. They’ve supported MRF for something like 30 years and us since we joined BCM 9 years ago. After church, we had a great luncheon with the Outreach Committee. They were thrilled with what’s going on at MRF and we look forward to future interactions with the church as a whole.

The weekend was really enjoyable with my sister and her husband. It’s just relaxing being there, spending time as a family. They live in the woods with a bunch of chickens, a dog, a big yard, a quiet road, and lots of walking trails in the woods. The kids helped Tanya with her garden, fed the chickens, gathered eggs, picked blueberries, and went for lots of walks. The dog was probably more tired than the kids just trying to keep up! Their uncle gave them a tour of his sugar shack and explained how syrup is made. All three had a hard time leaving Monday morning!

Now it’s back, again, to reality! Brian’s back is slowly healing, but he’s still taking it very easy. Any extra work or movement causes a great deal of pain still. Please pray he heals soon! Thankfully, the board is putting together a team to do the roof that really needs shingles this fall and the other bigger projects can’t be done right now anyway since the homes are booked. The only thing that he’s not able to do is side the Main House. On days that he’s in less pain, he’s going to work little by little. Currently, he’s been doing lots of BCM computer work, focusing on the design of the 2017 calendar.

I have had back pain since about May and finally saw a physical therapist this morning. Wow, I wish I’d done that sooner! She knew exactly what was wrong and after an hour, I was able to move with such a minimal amount of pain that I felt brand new!! However, this means a few weeks of additional PT… another thing to put on my schedule… but if it continues to help like this, it will be worth it in the long run.

Until next time…


Oh, and she lost her 2nd tooth while in VT! You can’t tell because her permanent teeth are basically already in! She was very impressed that the Tooth Fairy found her in VT. Her uncle convinced her tooth fairies in VT are all blue because it’s so cold!

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