And just like that, he’s 4.


“Joseph” means “May Jehovah add.” Well, He definitely “added” to our family when He gave you to us! He added laughter, tears, frustration, and volume!

Ever since birth, you’ve reminded us of a miniature man. At birth, you had your wrinkly forehead; at 4, you would rather work outside with Daddy than sit at home and play. You have a better work ethic than most teens and even some men these days and for that, we are so proud!

What stands out to me the most about you, though, is your joy. You are almost constantly happy, finding joy in whatever is going on. If I’m crying, you’re the first to snuggle up and wipe my tears and then try to make me laugh. You are a clown – and you KNOW it!

You have enough of your Daddy in you that you would rather be alone than with a group, so even though you beg for play dates, you still end up playing by yourself. You just like knowing others are there, but you’d rather not have to actually interact. You would live outside if you could (although currently, noises are scary so you don’t like to be alone out there). And Spiderman is the best thing there isĀ besides lollipops, even though you’ve never actually seen him on TV!

You are inquisitive, smart, friendly, and super sweet. You have “added” to our family more than we could express. God knew we needed you. I hope you will remain my Buddy, your sister’s protector, your brother’s friend, and your daddy’s helper. Jesus loves you, Joe Joe; maybe this year you will make the decision to give him your heart. He’s got some big plans for you, little man. Live up to your middle name and be a Christ follower! That would make us happier than anything.

Happy birthday, Buddy. We love you!

selfies with my boy – last year (L) and this year (R)

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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