Speaking, Planning, Eating, Traveling

That title pretty much sums up our week! We spoke at a church and ate amazing potluck food. Brian had four meetings this week and I had two. We ate some more. We planned a lot. And then MRF hosted our church’s summer picnic today where, you guesssed it, we ate some more! So, maybe our friends’ stereotypes of Americans eating a lot are not completely false…


We were asked to attend Oreland Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s missions Sunday School time this past Sunday. They are a missional church that invited in something like 24 missionaries to visit them this summer – all of whom are supported by the church. Two missionaries per week were given time to share in their adult Sunday School class and invited to stay for the morning worship service. Our Sunday just happened to include a potluck afterwards! We had a great morning sharing about MRF and how it has changed since this church was last heavily involved here – in the 1970’s! Many of the older folk remembered the beginnings of MRF and coming to help do renovations in the ’70’s. It was neat updating them and sharing with them personal stories of how things are going here now and how incredibly important this ministry continues to be.

Brian spent time last week at our BCM HQ in Lancaster, nailing down the exact goals of his interns. The interns have worked tirelessly this week, lots of late hours, and are headed out first thing in the morning as they have completed their time here. While Brian saw them daily, I only saw them twice! They seriously put their heads down and got to work. What they have worked on will be such a huge help in promotion for BCM; it’s hard to know how to say thank you to them.

This week, once we returned from Philly, we jumped in with two feet for a week of meetings. Brian had an MRF Board mtg on Monday, a church related mtg on Tuesday, and another church related mtg on Thursday. I had a regular mtgs on Monday plus a planning mtg for a children’s program on Wednesday here at the house. It was super busy – long, late days that weren’t made any shorter with Big J developing an ear infection in the middle of the night Tuesday (of course it had to be midnight. It couldn’t be something convenient like mid-morning!). I also ended up in the doctor’s office Tuesday for back pain that I’ve been smothering since like June. Or May. I can’t remember. The doctor was appalled and sent me for an x-ray which I finally got done on Friday. I’m sure it’s no big deal, but I’m curious to see if he can figure anything out because… well… back pain is pretty awful.

And then today:

We loved (!!) having our church out here for a picnic! There’s just something so fun about having your church family come and enjoy the place where you serve and pour your heart.
My favorite: my kids with church friends. They are developing some seriously great friendships and it makes us so, so happy.
Happy little boy who played hard the entire day!
This one has been waiting anxiously all week for her church family to come to “her house.” There may have been a few tears when it was time to go home!

This week will be another busy one. Brian is working feverishly to finish closing up the fixture he built over the rest of the fireplace/stone wall outside the house that had the chimney taken down. He needs to get it enclosed as soon as possible. It’s just taking awhile.

Towards the end of the week, we’ll be heading… way out west! One of Brian’s brothers is going to be getting married, so we’re loading up the family and making the trek to South Dakota! The last time we were there, the kids looked like this:P1010924P1010860

So, it’s going to be a blast taking them back out and introducing the baby to all of his uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents. Brian was there in the fall, you remember, with Big J for his grandfather’s funeral. This should be a little more joyous event. I’ll also get the chance to sit and meet with some children’s workers at the church we attend out there to give some guidance and advice (hopefully!) as they prepare for their fall programs.

If you don’t hear from us, it’ll be because we’re busy on the road! We’ll return in a few weeks. Pretty much no matter how you do it, the trip is going to be long! But – God surprised us with the HUGE blessing of a new van! We no longer need to worry that our transmission will go on the road! It’s been a long year praying our van would make it to and from E’s school and church as the transmission would thunk and miss every time we went out. We’re not sure why it lasted as long as it did, but we’re so grateful. The new van is much more reliable and we are so relieved and grateful.

Pray for us! Brian has a lot to get done before we can pull out, Big J is still on medicine for his ear, and my back hurts if I sit for more than like 5min and we have a 2 1/2 day drive ahead of us. We’ll update when we get back.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, Baby J is fine, too. Busy outgrowing his pack n play, clothes, and shoes, and laughing hysterically at everything under the sun. Happy, busy little kid.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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