Brief update… the power keeps blinking and Bernie Sanders on TV is distracting so I’ll make this quick!

Brian was able to finish one pavilion bathroom last week, which will be quite handy when our church comes out for our church picnic the beginning of August!

Brian was able to build a structure over the fireplace outside of Unit #10; now he just needs to put a roof on it and he’ll be done.

We are up late tonight waiting for the two interns for BCM to arrive. They will be here for about two weeks and have a lot on their plate! If all goes well, they will be a huge help to Brian and the BCM tech team. They’ll be staying here on the property, so we’ll get a chance to get to know them, too.

Brian needs to finish siding the main house and fix its roof. He also needs to put a new roof on next door and patch our roof.

I am planning six staff meetings, writing two training courses, working on two ministry presentations, and trying to figure out how to redecorate and rearrange two classrooms. I also have the usual household/mom stuff to do, like changing up the kids’ bedrooms and doing school shopping for E.

Okay, the interns have pulled up. Brian has gone to lead them to their home for the next two weeks. And I’m off to bed!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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