VBS Weekend

Friday evening, we kicked off our first ever weekend Vacation Bible School with a family carnival.


It’s been a pretty hot week and they were calling for storms, but we, in faith, set it all up outside anyway. I told my co-workers that it’s pointless to pray for no rain, then live all week like we’re going to get rained out and be all depressed about rain that hasn’t even happened yet. That’s not faith! When I left my house, though, I was a little concerned as it was 4pm (carnival to start at 6) and it was pouring. When I hit the intersection at the interstate, though, literally the rain stopped and sun broke through! We had a gorgeous evening – the weather could not have been more beautiful!

The turnout was awesome – constant flow of people throughout the evening. We also had a Pet Expo going on:

pet expo

The theme for VBS was “Pets Unleashed”, so we thought a good way to start it off would be with a free Pet Expo. We actually had vendors calling the church asking for a table, so instead of just four, we had I believe six or seven different organizations or individuals represented. It went over VERY well! We had a beautiful photo op in there for families to get pictures taken with their pets, too:


Outside, there was a variety of games, including a gaga ball pit and a bounce house:


We had a VBS table set up in order to preregister families for the event. It worked really well and we had families from the community register – and attend both days!

The entire evening was a huge success.

Saturday morning, we began our VBS –

pets-unleashed-weekend-vbs-logo (1)

Once again, we were wondering about rain! When I arrived at church, it was downpouring, so I quickly came up with a Plan B since one activity was outdoors. By the time staff mtg was done, and before kids began arriving, the rain had cleared and the event went on as planned! I had zero staffing issues and everything ran so smoothly. The kids got to play on the bounce house, climb through a giant tunnel made out of boxes, make a dog toy to give away, sing, walk through the Sermon on the Mount, and make new friends. We ended the morning with a free picnic outdoors for the families and more time on the bounce house. If I’m not mistaken, basically every family stayed for the picnic and returned on Sunday!

Sunday, we actually did part of our lesson during “big church.”

sunday lesson

The Gospel was clearly presented, to everyone at church. It was phenomenally done; I was so proud of my team! We concluded the morning shortly after the worship service ended and the parents were provided coffee and snacks while they waited. I figured parents would be anxious to get their kids and leave, but instead, we had to actually go insist they get their children because they were enjoying fellowshiping so much!

It was an awful lot of work for a very short couple of days. Yet, it was worth it. We know of one little boy who received Jesus as Savior; we’ve been praying for him for two years! While it can be easy to focus on numbers, I keep reminding myself that Jesus will go through great lengths to rescue even one child because that’s how much He loves us! It was all worth it.

E with her dog toy that will be given to a friend’s dog (the goal with the crafts was for them to be given away to show we care for others).
Big J in his preschool class. He had a blast! I’m so glad we were able to offer it this year!
fish tank
I have the world’s best decorating team. They created this fish tank on a blank wall. Genius!
Most of the group Sunday morning waiting to begin.

Now that VBS is over, I feel like I can breathe again! Even though it was only a weekend, I’m pretty sure it took just as much prep as a week-long event. Now, I feel like I can think about other things finally!

Here’s what’s on our plate now:

  • I’m the “missionary of the week” at CEF’s Day Camp here at MRF all week. E finally gets to attend; it’s fun being her teacher.
  • Brian is busy repairing a home. During the work day, a chimney was torn down.
Kids playing while the chimney got torn down behind them during the work day.

It had been falling down, so it HAD to come down, but it took with it part of a wall. Unfortunately, the house is being used, so it must be repaired immediately. The resident is out of town this week only, so he’s in there repairing as quickly as possible an upstairs wall, the roof, and part of the downstairs wall, plus putting in part of a foundation and building a wall/covering for the part of the fireplace that was not taken off outside. Pray for him – it’s a lot to get done in 5 days, alone!

  • Friday, I take E and BabyJ with me to Vermont for the Centennial Celebration of the church I grew up in that my dad pastored at for 17 years. My parents will be heading up on Thursday and we’ll all stay with my sister for the weekend.
  • At the end of the month, Brian and I head to Philly to represent MRF at a church missions conference.
  • Also at the end of the month, Brian will have two interns for BCM living here, helping with tech stuff for BCM.

You can be praying that in between the busy-ness of summer we will have family time. Brian has an awful lot of work to do at MRF that can only be done during the summer months, but he needs wisdom to prioritize the needs and get done what he can.

Kids playing with our co-worker’s dog.

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