The {long} 4th Weekend!

Wow, what a great weekend this has been! We are SO tired, yet it was so worth it. Isn’t that normally how it goes?! 

Thursday, we quick packed up the kids in the evening and took them to a park to swim and have a picnic, which was awesome family time considering the next two weeks are slammed for us. Brian worked most of the day Saturday because of this week being short due to the holiday. Spur of the moment, we decided to have friends over Sunday night to celebrate the 4th and ended up being so glad we made that decision!

Sunday evening we had a big group of friends over and cooked hot dogs over a fire, made s’mores, played frisbee, and Brian shot off fireworks for us. A couple of the guys were from London – here playing soccer this summer at Penn State to try to go pro. Another guy was new to church just this Sunday and so we invited him out and were so glad we did. Lots of good conversations happened there. Monday, we spent the day at a new Columbian friend’s house, swimming and eating good Latino food. We finished off our celebrations with fireworks and transplanting sleeping children from the van to their beds!

After my last post about what I do at MRF, a couple really cool things happened. The first was a generous Amazon gift card to buy supplies! Such an awesome surprise! The second happened Monday morning. I went in to do a walk-through of a house that has been full for a solid year. They left Friday and the next family actually arrived today (Tuesday) and will be here for another year. There was no time in between to do any kind of updating to this house and it so badly needed a few things. It really weighed on me, but there was literally nothing I could do about it. The moment I walked in the house, though, I knew something was different. The family had done their own updating for me! And what a beautiful job they did! It was exactly the subtle touches I knew the house needed, but would be unable to do for another whole year. She even put on new chair covers for the dining room chairs (which were this wonderful green velvet…). I was blown away by their generosity. It seriously made my day! So, we welcomed a new family today into this (now!) beautiful home. They have stayed here before and have four children. Looking forward to getting to know them (they haven’t been here since we’ve been on staff).

This weekend is our church’s Vacation Bible School! We kick off Friday night with a Family Carnival and Pet Expo, then VBS is Saturday morning and Sunday during the worship service. It will be a crazy week for our family as Brian has tons to do out here and I will be at the church pretty much every day, a couple times a day, until Sunday.

Starting Monday next week, I am the “missionary of the week” at a Day Camp happening here at MRF. I’ve done this for this camp twice before, so I’m working on coming up with new material for this year! E will attend the camp this year for the first time. As soon as camp is over Friday, I head to Vermont with at least one child to be at the church I grew up in for their Centennial Celebration. After that, I think life will finally slow down. For a couple weeks.

Will you pray with me for the VBS this weekend? Lots of last-minute details and supplies and practices and set-up! I don’t want to forget anything! Pray as well for the kids who will come – that the Gospel will be clearly presented and hearts will be open.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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