Maintaining MRF

Becoming a missionary is not a magical transformation once your feet hit foreign soil. It’s a common misconception that “missions” is “easier” overseas – away from home, in a different culture. However, the reality is, if you are not being a missionary “at home”, you will not become one simply due to a change in location. You should be doing it now, here, before you ever transplant yourself over there.

While we are not your “typical missionary”, this concept has still rung true for us. God has simply transplanted us in different countries and different States and we have essentially continued to do what we’ve always done!

Before moving to Peru, Brian was the equivalent to a maintenance director at a Do It Best Lumber in South Dakota – lots of construction, repairs on rental vehicles, helping people out, organization of the store, etc. In Peru, he was the maintenance director at the Bible school – construction, vehicle repair, maintenance on buildings and homes, grounds-keeping… the list could continue. Now, here at MRF, he is – you guessed it! – the maintenance director!

MRF has 10 homes and one efficiency suite. Two homes are staff houses (ours and the director’s).  Two of those homes are duplexes as well (one being, of course, the brand new one that was just finished). Brian’s main role is keeping up with the maintenance on all these homes. We are basically a rental property with everything supplied – linens, cooking supplies, bedding, TV, WiFi, etc. Most of these homes are also pretty old, and with that comes upkeep issues. We do not ask nor expect our residents to keep up on the repairs and fixing problems inside the houses. They call Brian! He does everything from changing light bulbs (yes, we get calls about that!) to fixing clotheslines, broken washing machines and ovens (we replaced 4 ovens in 2 weeks last winter!), and hunting down mice. Then there are the bigger issues – toilets falling through the floors, roofs leaking, holes in the walls, porches falling off, woodchucks living outside the front door…

Brian leaves the house around 9am and works until 5pm, Tuesday-Friday (Monday he’s Dad and home with the kids while I work at the church). If he’s unable to finish his responsibilities during the week, he’ll work an occasional Saturday, at least half of the day. He has enough jobs and things to work on that he is constantly moving and never bored. Each week brings with it new issues and things to look into and fix.

Brian enjoys being available for the missionaries who live here. Many are here only for a few weeks and the houses are not supplied with equipment to fix everything and many of our residents don’t know how to fix stuff anyway (and many have spent most of their lives overseas, so let’s just say, how they may fix things in a tribe in the Philippines is not usually up to code in Pennsylvania!). So, they call Brian. Since he’s also a mechanic, he has saved many residents costly mechanic bills by fixing up their cars as well. With how much traveling they all do, needing to raise support and visit families and churches, their cars need to run well (and many are rented or borrowed for the short time they’re here).

MRF had a website and it worked just fine, but it was time for an update. One of the first things Brian did our first year here was get us a new website on a better domain that’s easier to find when you do a search and easier to navigate and update. If you’ve never seen it, check it out here! Since updating the website and making it come up faster on search engines, we’ve had more applications than usual and stay almost fully booked year-round (which is a big blessing and helps keep the property going). Social media is still not to where it should be, but hopefully that will happen in the near future.

Then, of course you know about all the changes that happened on the property over the course of the last year – the new pavilion and changing the Main House into a duplex with the efficiency suite. For now, that’s the end of the big changes. The other duplex will get an overhaul, but probably throughout 2017. As much as expansion would be wonderful (we usually have more applications than we have room for), that will require extensive clearing of the land and more funds than we have available right now. Some day!

Did you know:

  • MRF is available for your pastor (and his family!) for a get-away! Encourage your pastor to take a brief vacation and sponsor his stay here in the quiet Poconos for a time of refreshment!
  • Our new pavilion is open for church picnics, day camps, retreats, family reunions, parties – you name it! For a small fee, you can rent the pavilion, the large field, and Compton Hall (which includes a large kitchen, rec room/common area, and restrooms) for your next event.
  • If you have a visiting missionary at your church in the area, you can book our suite so they have a private place to stay while they’re here. 
  • We would love to come and present the ministry of MRF to your church! Contact us if this interests you {you do not need to be local for us to do this! MRF is a ministry available to anyone, not just PA residents! We are two hours from both NYC and Philly – a great location for people needing to fly overseas or be close to churches up and down the East coast}.

What do I do at MRF? Well, you’ll just have to wait for next time! 

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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