BCM Behind-the-Scenes

Installment #3 of “what exactly do you do?”! To read #1, click here; to read #2, click here.

The rest of what we do with BCM can be summed up, really, in three words:

website, representation, and training.

Website: Brian is like the web master – and he absolutely loves it. If you’ve never visited the BCM International website, now’s your chance! Just click here. If you are like me, it may never have occurred to you the hours of work it takes to simply maintain a website so that it’s current and modern. So much is done online anymore (how many of us google every place we’re going, every event we’re attending, before we ever leave the house?), so it’s extremely important to have a good internet presence that is up-to-date! We all know how frustrating it can be to go to someone’s website in order to glean information only to find it was last updated in 2010. That’s not helpful! So, not only did Brian design and build the website, it is his job to keep it current, which is an almost daily activity. You would not believe how often he has to fix glitches, all-out crashes, and keep up with spam and other issues. On top of maintaining the international website, he helps maintain a number of other sites worldwide AND he helps with all the social media accounts. Even mission boards needs to be on social media anymore to get the word out about what’s happening. (Click here to join our Facebook group!) It’s a big job! This summer, he will actually have two interns helping him out for 10 days. These guys are graphic design majors and so Brian will be meeting with the IMC (our headquarters in Lancaster) next week to make the final decisions on what all these guys will do over their short internship. What do I have to do with the website? Nothing but proof-read! 🙂 Every now and then I do some writing for him, but overall, the website is his deal.

Representation: Since we are young and Stateside, it’s relatively easy for us to do some representing for BCM. We attend missions conferences at different universities and when churches call the IMC and ask for someone to represent BCM as a whole, sometimes we’re called up. We love this job and thoroughly enjoy sharing the international ministry with anyone who will listen and encouraging them to join missions, be it with us or someone else.

Training: While website is all Brian, training is all me. As you know, I am a certified “teacher trainer” with BCM which basically means that I can train children’s workers in our program, “In Step with the Master Teacher.” This program is near to my heart and one of my favorite things to do. I have led trainings in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Now that the kids are not so little, I’d love to get back into it and do more training in our area. The difficulty? Convincing people training is a good thing and actually having the opportunities to share this course! Brian’s role in “my” training is keeping the house running while I’m gone! He’s been awesome at getting up early with me on the mornings I need to leave before dawn. He makes sure my coffee is hot, the windows on the car are scraped, and the kids are taken care of before he prays with me and sends me off. He does all my printing and laminating and makes sure I get the rehearsal times that I need with no kids crying at my feet.

These three posts sum up our work within BCM! Next time, I’ll cover what life looks like for us out here at Missionary Retreat Fellowship.

As you read any of this, we humbly ask that you prayerfully consider if maybe God would have you join our team as a financial supporter. Maybe you can identify with one of the roles we have within BCM or the work we do at MRF. Would you join our team and be a part of this ministry? Contact us if we can answer additional questions for you. Even a one-time gift would be greatly appreciated to help get us out of the red. Thank you!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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