Work Day

The last few weeks out at MRF have been filled with extra help! A work day out here was scheduled for June 25 by the board. A few of the board members, however, can’t be here. Instead, they opted to come out beforehand and do some work on their own time.

Almost two weeks ago now, one board member, a contractor, took time off of his regular job to come and help tile the pavilion bathrooms (one of the jobs on the work day list). This is what’s so cool about that: the bathrooms are made out of brick. Even with as much tiling as Brian has done, he has never tiled over brick. The whole thing made him nervous, coupled with the idea of strangers coming in to help this Saturday and not knowing their experience with tiling over brick either. Plus, Brian was going to have to prep absolutely everything for the tile job, yet not really be a part of it since he’s supervising the work day. It was stressful. Then, literally out of nowhere, this contractor showed up at the end of a day and told Brian he’d back in the morning to begin the tile work. The original plan was for him to tile as much as he could in two days. This was two weeks ago. He has since completed one bathroom and is almost done in the second. He told Brian last week, “I think I’m just going to go ahead and finish the bathrooms myself, fixtures and all. Then you can take it off your list.” What?! So, two jobs that Brian was dreading – tiling and plumbing – are being done by a professional, free of charge. I think Brian floated for a week, he was so elated!

Then, last week, we found out that another board member would be in the Scranton area this week, but not on Saturday, so he asked what he could do to help. The main house is getting new siding (it’s been half yellow, half gray for a year now), so Brian asked him to come help tear the old siding off in preparation for new siding on Saturday. He’s been here since Monday and almost the entire back of the house (the hardest part) now has new siding on it!

Brian has spent more time at Lowe’s and Home Depot this week than normal (which is saying a lot!) just trying to keep up with these men as they fly through these jobs and ask for more work and more supplies. What an awesome problem to have! Finally today, Brian has not been to the store, but has instead joined the guy doing siding. He’s enjoying having a companion for the day.

So, this Saturday, starting around 8, there will be a work day out here. Lunch is provided, but it’d be good to know how many are coming. If you would like to help with siding or other odd jobs around here (I can get you a more specific list if you ask), come on out! Even if you can’t be here for the day, every little bit helps.


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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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