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In an effort to help you all understand precisely what we do {and why we do it}, I thought I would take some time on here during the next few posts and go into a little more detail than usual about the different roles we have within BCM and MRF.

Every Thursday, you’ll find me putting together a weekly internal newsletter for BCM called the Family Focus.

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To be honest, at first, this didn’t feel like “ministry.” But, over the last few years, I’ve come to see its great value. I work in conjunction with our home office. Every week, we receive newsletters, prayer letters, and updates, from around the world (there are 750 missionaries within BCM in 45+ countries). The home office compiles quite a bit of the prayer/praise requests into a monthly prayer sheet, but then I receive quite a few as well. I read through every one and pull out the praise/prayer requests and put them into an email that goes out to everyone in the mission around the world. It’s full of prayer requests, upcoming ministry dates, birthdays, events, internal news… Some weeks, it takes me a long time to put together; others, I’m done within the hour. It just depends on the amount of info I need to include that week {and, let’s be honest, how often I need to stop to tend to children! Thursday is affectionately known as “Wii Day” in our house since I let them play on the Wii for most of the morning while I work! Some days it works, some days, like today, not so much!}

I have grown quite fond of the FamilyFocus as it allows me an inside view into just about everything going on around the world. I am one of the translators from Spanish to English, so I get to read basically everything that comes in in Spanish which is fun and keeps my Spanish going. I love knowing what’s happening and it gives my editor and I additional ideas for upcoming BCM Worlds! Also included are obituaries, welcomes to new candidates, and the occasional ministry profile of different people around the globe.

While we may not be in the trenches or on the frontlines, this allows us to keep the 750 international missionaries united in prayer for one another. We feel more like a team when we know what’s going on and are able to pray for each other and offer help where needed (and you don’t know what’s going on unless you’re kept up to date, which is what the FamilyFocus does!). It’s also one of the best forms of communication for getting the word out about conferences and upcoming internal events that we can attend.

Right now, a whole section is dedicated to the summer camp schedule. Would you take a minute and pray for the following:

  1. The summer camps going on within BCM in the Northern Hemisphere around the world. There is always the need of personnel, as well as finances (scholarships are offered to many who can’t afford to attend), and safety. We have camps going on in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Ukraine, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands, to name a few locations. In the Ukraine specifically, they need to travel through war zones and past military checkpoints in order to bus kids from the children’s home to camp. Pray for their safety!
  2. Our support level. We are still in the red in our account and running a few hundred dollars below what is needed to maintain our support level. Would you pray with us for opportunities to share our ministry this summer?
Ukranian summer campers, 2013

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