Summer break has officially begun! Our oldest graduated from K5 on May 26. It was a wonderful ceremony with lots of music, poems, showcasing things they’ve learned, flipping their little tassles, and a little skit.


she played “goldilocks” in the little skit. she’s quite the little actress!

Now, it’s on to summer vacation and making sure she doesn’t forget everything between now and first grade! 🙂 She’s one that craves routine and structure, so I have my work cut out for me to make sure she’s not wandering the house bored for the next two months.

Saturday, I took her with me to a friend’s wedding. Back in 2011, you might remember we had a girl live with us in Peru for a month:


Bekah was such a help to me that month. She came specifically to help out in the school and she gave me a few days off, insisting I just sit and read a book which was glorious! While it was at first intimidating thinking we’d have a 16 year old in our house for a full month, it was one of the best months we had in Peru. We absolutely loved her. It was a true joy watching her marry the man of her dreams last week. I remember conversations about dating and knew her desire for a Godly man one day. She wrote me when she started dating him and I was so excited for her. I’m glad we drove down to Allentown to see her get married. I know God has big things in store for them as a couple.

pets-unleashed-weekend-vbs-logo (1)

July 8-10 will be our church’s VBS this year. July 8 is actually a family carnival and then the 9th and 10th will be the VBS. You can be praying for me as I direct the VBS portion and have a lot on my plate during June to make this come together!


While I’m working on VBS, Brian is out here at MRF doing a number of things. He’s building a laundry room under the suite so guests staying in the suite can do a quick load of laundry. He’s putting together new soccer goals for the field. And he’s getting ready for a couple of work days out here. Pictured above are the bathrooms at the pavilion. They need to be tiled and finished, so that will be one project. They will also be working on siding the Main House as they began it last year, but it was never completed, so it’s half yellow and half gray! I think there’s a few other odd jobs, but those are the main ones this year. Looks like at least one work day will be the end of June. He has quite a bit of prep work to do in order to be ready for teams, so this should give him the time he needs to complete them.

In his evenings, he’s working on the next edition of the BCM World. By default, so am I. 🙂 While he does the vast majority of the work, he has me constantly checking, reading, and rereading to make sure it’s laid out nice and all fits together.

At the end of July, we’ll be joined by two guys doing an internship with Brian. They are graphic design students and need to get some practical work under their belt, so they’ll be living here at MRF and working with Brian.


And then there’s spending time with these guys! While a “vacation” in the usual sense of the word probably won’t happen, we are hoping to do some day trips with them at least. Plus there’s the added bonus of simply living where we do so we are able to do s’mores and take the kids fishing on a regular basis which is really nice.

Here’s to a really great summer!



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