Well, that went fast.

BabyJ’s birthday was the beginning of a very busy couple of weeks…

::Wednesday the 11th, I had my last Kidz Konnect for the school year. Families are always invited and we had a great turnout! We had a giant picture game with the families where they had to recreate with the kids some of the lessons we covered this year which was hilarious! They did an awesome job. It was a great way to close out a good year.

::Brian knew there was a leak somewhere in the water lines leading to the main pump for the entire MRF property. Also Wednesday, he and a friend of ours who does this for a living got out the backhoe and went to work. They dug out the water lines and replaced the main line, which did fix the leak. It was an all day job, but they both seemed to somewhat enjoy it, so… more power to them, I guess! Oddly enough, the only reason Brian found the leak to begin with was because of other issues in another house. If he hadn’t been underneath the house doing repairs, he wouldn’t have known about it, which would have resulted in a much bigger issue very soon! Praise God!

::Friday, I went to E’s school and was the guest speaker for the senior high missions class (a friend and current resident of MRF is the teacher). Small class since the seniors were on their class trip, but that was fine with me! I still enjoyed sharing our testimonies and encouraging them to look at missions outside of the box.

::Friday evening, we were enjoying the quiet of sleeping children when the phone rang. Our co-worker, who lives on the other end of the property, called to say they had no water. Brian went looking for the problem… and couldn’t find it. The entire property was without water until Saturday mid-morning. To be honest, he would have to explain just exactly what happened, but basically when the water was turned off for the day Wednesday it made other issues crop up with the electrical. Praise the Lord, the part he thought it might be was correct and he got it fixed on Saturday! Otherwise, we would’ve needed the water company and their crane! {Brian admits he actually enjoyed Friday evening looking for the issue since he was joined by two other men on the property – both of them there for moral support. He said it reminded him of life back in Peru; he never had to do a job alone and he was so grateful for that! We also think it’s pretty awesome that when issues like no water crop up on the rare occasion that the residents handle it so well. Every phone call I fielded that evening was full of laughter and, “Oh, this is great! Reminds us of being back in [Cambodia, Africa, South America]! Thanks for the memories!” We love serving missionaries.}

::Saturday, we were to be involved with a fundraiser at E’s school – a fun run and a carnival. The original plan was for just E and I to do the run and the boys to join us later. But with the water emergency, I ended up taking all three to do the run with me. E and BigJ thought running the kids’ mile was better than candy. BabyJ in his running stroller and I beg to differ. Let’s just say, Mommy is not as in shape as her children! However, I never lost sight of them and I did my fair share of running that mile. And I look forward to the next run. Next year. The carnival, though, was really nice and the children had a blast. My parents joined us and then Brian surprised us by showing up before lunchtime having fixed the water pump. All in all, a nice morning.

::Sunday, I went with a friend to see another friend’s new baby. They work teaching English in another country and came back to have their baby. They are in our small group and we’re really enjoying getting to know them and were so happy to welcome their little girl!

::Wednesday, I went back to E’s school and taught missions class again, this time for the junior high. It was such a fun time; I love teaching classes like that. Since it was the end of the school day, I also got to go into E’s class and showed them pictures and video of life in Peru since they’ve been taking an offering all year for a family moving to Peru as missionaries. Such a fun class… with an amazing teacher who has them all day long! 🙂

::Brian and I are working on getting the pavilion and Compton Hall all set for its first graduation party of the year this Saturday. Since it’s the first time the pavilion has been used all winter we’ve had to get it organized with the new picnic tables and cleaned out.

::Tomorrow, I’m getting set up for a yard sale with a friend. Then Brian and I will take E back to school in the evening for the school’s Spring Play. E’s class sings a few songs so it’ll be a cute evening.

::Saturday is a yard sale and a graduation party.

::Sunday is a big morning at church recognizing all the various volunteers.

::Next Thursday… our big girl graduates from Kindergarten! Where in the world did this school year go?! I blame it on lack of snow. Winter felt too much like a weird, prolonged fall and I never felt like we got winter. Yes. I think that’s the problem. Still – I can’t believe she’s already completed Kindergarten. And what a wonderful job she’s done! So proud of her accomplishments, her maturity, her relationships, and her character. Oh my… I’m going to be a mess next week.

so cute…hard to believe she’s reading harder books than that now!

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