Happy Birthday, Little J!

He’s ONE!

Our littlest man joined us five days past his due date, yet somehow anxious to get moving. This year has been a riot as he’s shown he absolutely must keep up with big brother and big sister, so he started crawling, walking, and eating solid food months earlier than expected! He knows he’s funny and takes great pride in that fact. He’s also super stubborn. If something is in his way or he can’t get something right, his go-to is to just chuck it across the room (may have to work with him on that!). But, he’s super cuddly and so very sweet.

he loves soft things, so has started dragging blankets around the house with him

We are so very glad God thought to bless us with LittleJ. He rounds out our family so perfectly. Our deepest desire is for him to come to know Jesus as His Savior very young and to grow to be a man who loves His Lord above all else – like his namesakes, James in the New Testament and my father (LittleJ shares his middle name). I can’t begin to comprehend life without this little guy even though he’s only been with us for a year. Even though I’ve taken him to the E.R. once, emergency doctor visits twice, pulled countless ants out of his mouth (and off his finger after one latched on and wouldn’t let go), rescued toys, dirt, cat food, and who knows what else from that same mouth, caught him as he’s tumbled off furniture, and listened to him scream bloody murder because he’s being “forced” to sleep alone — I wouldn’t trade one single moment of it.


Happy birthday, Little Man! You are loved.

Oh, and it was also Mother’s Day. So thankful for all three of my crazies who keep me running!



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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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