Completion is a beautiful thing.

This week was busy, yet so rewarding. We had one week to finish furnishing and arranging the new duplex for its first resident, who arrives Monday.

Furnishing a home from scratch is so different than just arranging furniture in an existing home. This home literally had to be furnished and decorated from the ground up, starting with deep cleaning since so much construction has been done in there. I have to give a big shout out to my friend, Beka, who gave of her time, energy, resources, and creativity to help make the place look so beautiful. She repurposed items we already had and helped me decorate so the place looks more modern and less thrown together.

And of course, Brian was the master carpenter behind this house. While he had quite a bit of professional help to finish the other duplex, he really remodeled this one almost single-handedly. This remodel took place amidst so many other things he worked on, not the least of which were multiple BCM World publications and fixing another bathroom on the property. How he handles all of his responsibilities, I will never understand. But, I’m so proud of him.

Without any further ado, I give you a photo tour of MRF Home #10!

The entrance
The living area, from the front door (this is facing right). The stone wall and fireplace were existing; Brian added the electric fireplace.
Panoramic view of the living area. This is taken by the stairs looking back towards the entrance.
Dining room table, complete with welcome basket.
Repurposed giant picture into a chalkboard the residents can use for whatever.
The kitchen, looking in from the dining room.
Kitchen, from the opposite side.
Brand new laundry closet, outside the kitchen. If I may insert a commercial – these are so quiet you actually forget you’re doing laundry!
Last flight of stairs leading up to our favorite part of the house —
–the office nook! How cute is this?! Those four black squares are chalkboards so the residents can have a little office area.
Bathroom – another room Brian took down to the studs and completely redid.
Master bedroom
Bedroom #2
Bedroom #3

Isn’t it just lovely? And it’s basically booked solid the rest of 2016! If you’d like, you can go here and compare the two sides of the duplex now that the whole thing is complete!

This week, we focus on Unit #1 – the first duplex on the property. Brian has been working on leveling this old home. He also had to completely redo one of the bathrooms as it was falling through the floor. This home will need a total remodel in the near future, but regular maintenance will take presidence this summer. But, since he had to do so much plumbing and other maintenance in the house, it needs a deep cleaning before residents move in… on Thursday! We have our work cut out for us this week!


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