February Plans

I hope you were able to take the time to read about what all we do and where our support level is at right now. The link is still at the top of the blog; feel free to share with friends. Most of all, please continue to pray us through 2016!

February is a busy month for us. Here’s what’s on our plates:

  • The 8th-10th I will be at Summit University (formerly BBC) representing BCM at their Global Ministry Conference. I get the privilege of teaching a one hour session each day on the importance of reaching children. I’m completely intimidated (since I spend 90% of my time teaching kids under 12, not college kids!) and so excited at the same time.
  • Brian is hoping to finish the duplex this month. The bathroom is put back together and he is working in the kitchen. All the appliances are here and he is at this moment tiling the countertop. The whole place is almost done being painted. But it has all the little details left in order to get it put back together and livable.
  • By the end of the month, Brian would like to have mostly finished the print edition of BCM World’s 2015 compilation magazine. It’s looking good, but is very time consuming.
  • By the beginning of March, the next edition the regular BCM World will be going out. I will have a spread this time so I’m working on that… probably not as diligently as I should be, let’s just be honest…
  • I have two staff meetings this month with two of my groups of kid’s min volunteers and am doing the full-on planning for my annual training day in early April.
  • We are planning a brunch with our Life Group and I’m planning on having a fund-raising event for MRF that will simultaneously help out a friend and be a night out – so it’s like a win-win-win. 🙂

So, basically it’s a lot of work on the computers which the kids just *love*. BigJ calls those days “Wii days” because I let him play on the Wii for awhile in the mornings while I work!

We appreciate your prayers this month especially as we see how Satan just likes to mess everything up. The last three times Brian has had to do the BCM World, the family (he in particular) have gotten sick and this time is no exception. Also it seems like when I have the most to do, the children behave the worst. So, pray us through February if you will!



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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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