Sickness in Spring-anuary

January certainly feels like spring; I even found myself calling it July this morning! Good grief. Thanks to the warmer weather and no hard freezes yet, illnesses have just been rampant! Last Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday found us – yet again – in our pediatrician’s office. Of course we need the office most when our actual pediatrician is out on maternity leave! Monday, E developed a full-body viral rash and BabyJ had an ear infection. By Thursday, BigJ also had an ear infection. Now today, our kids seem mostly back to normal-but they were kind and shared their infections with their grandparents who are now miserably sick as well. And the circle continues!

As for the MRF project – Brian worked this week on moving furniture around in preparation of furnishing Side B. We have those new {to us} storage trailers that work perfectly for storing furniture, so Brian moved furniture from the other random storage places around the property that we had been using, consolidated it all, got rid of furniture covered in black mold (ew), and began an inventory of sorts so we know what we have and what we need to acquire.

He has been tiling the kitchen backsplash and is getting ready to tile the countertop, probably this week. The bathroom is ready to get put back together. Little details need to be done before furniture gets moved back in, but he’s getting there at least!

We say goodbye this week to a family who’s been here for more than a year. We’re going to miss them! They were such a blessing to us. They were in the other duplex on the property and once they leave, that home will remain vacant until Brian can do renovations in there. It desperately needs a different layout – larger kitchen and a bathroom moved – so that will be his project after SideB is done.

Here are just a few pictures from the duplex ~ watch your inboxes for our newsletter, which has more details, to arrive this week!

View of the kitchen from the side entrance.
view of the downstairs from the stairs; the double doors is the main entrance. there’s *a bit* of cleaning up to do yet in the living room.
the bathroom – it’s been gutted and is completely new. brian’s done all the tiling and is just about done with the whole thing.

*We rarely discuss our support level because it’s been at 100% since 2009. However, that has changed recently. Read our newsletter for the full update and please be praying for us! Thanks!*


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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