Happy New Year!

It’s hard not to be cliche when writing a new year’s blog post. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum…

E started the year as a 4yr old being home schooled PreK by mommy and ended it by being our big Kindergartner who is reading and loving every second of school.
Big J began the year as a typical 2yr old boy and ended potty-trained, talkative, highly energetic, and covered in bruises.
Baby J began the year as our little peanut. He’s now 8mos old, crawling, standing, and generally wreaking havoc everywhere he goes and is loved on by everyone who meets him.



As for our ministries…

MRF has gone through major overhauls this year with the new pavilion and the main house being turned into three rentals.
Remodels have kept Brian busy all year and he’s not done yet! Side B still has a ways to go. Thankfully, we were able to move people around so he did NOT have to finish on Dec. 30. He now has about a two-month extension which is very helpful. Then he’ll move on to other projects – which includes tiling the outdoor bathrooms at the pavilion and remodeling the other duplex on site.
bcm world june
The BCM World may seem minor to the outside, but it certainly is not! It’s a load of work for both of us. I’ve learned an extraordinary amount about journalism this year and am loving writing for each addition, but it certainly is time consuming since it’s new for me. Once all the articles get passed on to Brian, it’s a solid two weeks or more before he gets it published online. However, we absolutely love this part of our ministry and look forward to the work that we put into it.
A little known job that I have is a weekly, internal prayer newsletter for all of BCM International. I work in conjunction with our home office in receiving and compiling newsletters from around the world (there are 700+ BCM missionaries). I send out a newsletter to everyone in our board each week filled with prayer requests, health concerns, upcoming events, birth dates, and internal announcements. It’s a way to keep us all informed and connected. This is why I’m not available Thursday mornings. šŸ™‚
Then there’s church. 2015 was a year of VBS, reconfiguring, planning, meetings, teaching, organizing… you know, the usual. Brian, meanwhile, is a deacon and he’s in charge of everything techy. You’ll find him in the sound booth 2-3 Sundays per month. He’s the go-to man for every question regarding technology in the church. You can also find him doing repairs and upkeep around the church as needed and occasionally he’ll spend a whole day down there working if MRF is quiet.
View More: http://leahdanielsphotography.pass.us/biegertfamily2015
And then, on the rarest of occasions, we get to be alone and just be husband and wife. I can count on one hand the number of “date nights” we’ve had completely alone this year. We’re hoping to have a few more in 2016! šŸ™‚ But, God is good and though we are busy, occasionally stressed, and almost always tired, our marriage has not suffered and we are still best of friends and each other’s favorite co-worker. This year will be anniversary #11 and we wouldn’t trade our life together for anything in the world.

So, here’s to 2016 and all that it already holds! I love knowing that none of it is a surprise to God; He’s already there waiting for us. He’ll walk us through, He’ll hold is in the midst, and He’ll greet us on the other side, no matter what this year throws at us. While I found myself lamenting getting {yet another} year older, Brian reminded me that we would have none of the blessings that we do if we weren’t as old as we are. That’s an odd sentence, don’t diagram it for me, but hopefully it made sense to you!

I hope you are trusting your 2016 to the One Who holds time in His hands.

Happy New Year!




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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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