Dashing thru December…

Brian spent this week working extra hard on the duplex. He’s swiftly running out of time and the place is… well… let’s just say it’s not ready yet. He’s working over time to get the place ready, but there are things that just simply take time… like waiting for stuff to dry! He can only move so quickly with tiling and mud! But, he’s getting there. This will be another very full week as he would like to have the bulk of it done before Christmas so he can take off more than one day.

His evenings are also jam-packed as he waits until the kids go to bed and then he begins work on the BCM World. Late nights are turning profitable, though, as he is just about done; it should head to your inboxes this week if all goes well!

I went back to church on Wednesday after two Wednesdays off for Thanksgiving and the Living Christmas Village. This week, we rehearsed with the kids a simple Christmas program that they’ll present at a nursing home this coming Wednesday. The kids had a blast (and so did the leaders!) as this is something completely new and different. They are reading the Christmas story and creating some of the scenes at the same time. It’s really cute. We’re looking forward to their “service project” this week.

Friday evening, we loaded up and headed to E’s school for her Christmas program (which started AT bedtime so that was fun…). The entire school had presentations and E’s class, along with the K4, sang two songs.

after her program

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you can view the videos (and if you’re not, why not?? Friend me!). Brian packed the kids into the van and I went back to stand in (a very long) line for a box of cookies to purchase and bring home. It was a really nice evening; E did a great job!

…what happens when we take the boys out after bed time… loopy and spacey 😉

We spent Saturday evening with some of our closest friends, eating way too much junk food, laughing, talking, and singing Christmas carols while the 11 kids danced like maniacs.

Then this morning, our brave 5 year old sang a beautiful solo in church.


She sang alone, then with another little boy and some of the choir. The choir had a couple lines, then it was her and the boy again, and then she closed the song alone.


Mommy was probably more nervous than she was. 🙂 She did a beautiful job! She was quite composed and remembered all her lines. We are SO proud of her!

The boys are not to be out done…


Big J has learned “Away in a Manger” and informed me tonight that tomorrow morning, big sister will go to school and then I am to take him to church so he can practice his song with Grandma (Grandma directed E and the choir)!


Little J may not be singing, but he is full-on crawling, standing, and roaming around while hanging on to furniture. He can’t get back DOWN so I’ll hear screaming coming from a room, think he’s mortally wounded, and then find him hanging on to something, mad that he can’t figure out how to get back on the ground! He’s also attempting to feed himself those little puffy things that babies love. I think he’s done great eating… and then I pick him up and find most of them stuck to his legs! We’re getting closer, though – they used to be all over the floor!

Pray for us this week as I head to the nursing home with the kids, Brian and E have nasty coughs they cannot get rid of, and Brian has loads of work to do in the duplex. Have a wonderful week!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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