Thanksgiving already??

It’s been long enough since I wrote on here that they’ve actually updated the whole blog format within our server… I really should write more often!

Brian has been on overload since returning from South Dakota. Originally, Side B of the duplex was booked for Dec. 1. We are so very thankful that for whatever reason the family changed their arrival to Dec. 30. *phew!* Brian had to put all the kitchen cabinets together and that ended up being more detailed than he’d planned on. The kitchen still needs to be painted before he can install the cabinets. The bathroom needs an entire overhaul and just this week, he found extensive water damage in there, too, so that project just grew. Our board president is actively working on finding some local contractors who can come in and help Brian out.

Our van has been having some issues. It’s time for regular maintenance on it, so Brian has taken the last two Saturdays (in fact, he’s still in the garage and has been there all day) to work on it. We were praying that his repairs would mean we wouldn’t need to replace it and it’s looking like God answered that one, which is HUGE.

He also took some time to help out some friends with their own vehicles. One of those jobs was very much ministry related and we’re anxious to see where God is taking that friendship. The other was a surprise and even though he got home much later than planned, we were so glad he did the work for our friends.

I spent last Friday at E’s school teaching with another friend about the Iriquois indians. The elementary had a special Pilgrim Day and volunteers came in to teach about different American indians. I spent the whole day there and got to know some of the elementary teachers. One teacher expressed to me that the school sees very little turn-over by way of teachers and that they all don’t view it as a job, but a ministry. We are just so thankful that she’s there. This week includes “Grandparent’s Day” and she’s anxiously waiting for it so she can bring her grandparents into her classroom.

The whole family has been fighting coughs and colds. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it did make E miss a day of school and BabyJ hasn’t slept through a night in a couple of weeks now. So we’re pretty run-down, which doesn’t help you get better any faster. BabyJ cut two teeth, though, so we’re assuming it’s all connected!

We are seeing the Lord open up some very interesting doors for ministry that have little to nothing to do with MRF, BCM, or GBC. You can be praying for Brian, especially, as God has really opened up the door for him to witness to a local man who is searching desperately for hope. A few other circumstances have come up that I don’t feel comfortable sharing about publicly, but feel free to ask in person! Be praying for us as all of a sudden, we feel our location is very strategic and we’re curious about what is going to happen in the coming months.

Our Thanksgiving will be spent with my parents and a bunch of other people… because isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about anyway? We love this time of year. It does us good to have to stop and think about how God has taken care of us this year, even when we didn’t deserve it. High on our list is our financial supporters who keep us going. Without all of you, we simply wouldn’t be able to do all of this. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes, too, that we don’t share publicly. And honestly, our supporters are a huge part of that, even when they don’t know it.

Thank you for being a part of the Biegert ministry! Happy Thanksgiving!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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