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Wednesday evening was our 2nd Skill Nite for Kidz Konnect this school year. We did “The Farm” a couple of weeks ago, but I skipped out early to help Brian and Big J pack for South Dakota, so I missed most of it. I know they got to pet some chickens and learned about different things farmers do from a couple of farmers in our church. This week, we brought in two of our artists. It was a blast because generally speaking, we think of art as being painting or drawing. We opened their eyes up to different art forms by having art history while they worked with clay and interpretive dance!

We divided them into their two groups and they got 30min with each instructor. My friend Joanna taught art history and coupled it it with teaching them about Who God is – all while letting them work with a piece of clay. They learned different techniques with clay, read some Scripture, and saw that:





Meanwhile, in the other half of the room, my friend Abby taught the kids a dance to Mercy Me’s “Shake”. It was a blast! And this is coming from one who never dances… except with my boys.. in the living room… with the blinds closed! 🙂 Abby taught very well and the kids seemed to really enjoy it!



Here at home, Brian went back to work at MRF on Tuesday. He’s got a lot to get done in order to make Side B liveable by December! The tile in the kitchen is done. He needs to begin putting the kitchen cabinets together. The weather was beautiful this week, so he spent a lot of time outside since he knows it won’t be warm much longer.

This week, I will be teaching at Elena’s school about the Iriquois Indians along with a friend of mine. I’m also working on a fascinating article for the next BCM World and gearing up for my team’s turn to teach children’s church along with leading Wednesday night, which will be the first time this year that we’ll open our Store (the kids earn points to spend in our store a few times a year).

The kids are still glad to be reunited. It was actually difficult to get E off to school this week because she would rather have stayed home with her brothers. It’s nice to see them getting along {most of the time anyway.}

We ran into newsletter complications; as soon as we get the kinks worked out, we’ll get that off to your inboxes! Thanks for your prayers!

This big boy not only sits, crawls, and eats "real" food - he's sporting a tooth, too! Why does time have to go so fast?
This big boy not only sits, crawls, and eats “real” food – he’s sporting a tooth, too! Why does time have to go so fast?

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