Home again…

The boys made it home Sunday morning! Flying stand-by with a three year old was definitely an adventure – probably not one that Brian is hoping to do again any time soon, but an adventure he’s glad he’s had none-the-less. Our little boy was a champ of a traveler – obedient, quiet, stayed with daddy, polite! {Can you hear the sigh of relief from his parents? We feel like we’ve done SOMETHING right!}

Brian had not been necessarily anxious to go out to SD for a funeral, but he’s very glad he went. He, his brothers, and male cousins were the pall bearers. His grandfather had been in the military, so there was the gun salute at the burial. Brian was just very glad for the closure and for being able to be there to honor his grandfather’s life and be with his family during this time.

The flights coming home were full and they were flying into Dallas – which was quite stormy – so they weren’t actually able to travel Friday as originally planned, but instead began their trip Saturday and got home early Sunday morning. I didn’t even bother bringing the camera, but I wish I had: the reunion between brother and sister was beautiful. We had people in the airport wiping away tears. Joseph ran right to his sister – bypassing me! – and they just clung to each other like long-lost friends. It was beautiful. They have been inseparable ever since.

We wanted to thank you again for praying for the entire family, including Brian’s, during this time. We’re so thankful to have everyone home safe again.

Brian will get back to work on the duplex tomorrow. It’s booked the beginning of December and currently unlivable, so he’s got his work cut out for him! I’m working on a couple articles for the next BCM World as well as the usual children’s ministry stuff that happen weekly.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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