An unexpected trip

A little over a week ago, we got word that Brian’s grandfather had fallen and was in the hospital. This quickly escalated to him being put in hospice. We knew he had cancer, but didn’t know it was so serious. Less than a week after being put in hospice, he passed away. Brian was close with his grandfather and this is a difficult time for his family, so Brian decided he wanted to be there with them for awhile. Thanks to a pilot friend of ours, Brian and Joseph got stand-by tickets from Wilkes-Barre to Rapid City on Thursday. It was a LONG day of travels, but they made all their flights and missed massive flooding in Dallas to arrive safely in SD. The viewing was this evening; the funeral mass is tomorrow with the graveside service Monday. At this point, Brian is not sure when he will be home; he wants to be with his family as long as he’s needed. Things are going well for them and Joseph is enjoying his cousins and grandparents (not to mention all the plane, bus, and train rides he’s been on!).

E, Baby J, and I are hanging in there back home. Going from, “we can’t afford tickets” to, “I’m leaving tomorrow morning” was a bit of a jump for a planner like myself! But, I got them packed and E didn’t have a meltdown after they were gone at 5am, so it’s all good. E and I agree that Big J is the funniest member of our family and that it’s just too quiet when he’s gone! E is thankful for school; it’s keeping her distracted from missing Daddy and brother. She just about cried when I told her tomorrow is Saturday and it’ll be just the two of us!

Needless to say, things are kind of on pause here. I’m still keeping up with meetings and working on BCM articles. I’m also busy forgetting to pack E’s lunch and being last in line at the pick-up line at school… woops. At least she thinks it’s funny! We spent our Friday evening making cinnamon rolls, watching the new “Cinderella”, and reading books. It’s actually nice having a little bit of bonding time with my girl.

Pray for us! I’ll keep you posted when he returns.

Brian's Grandpa with E when she was 2.
Brian’s Grandpa with E when she was 2.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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