Jumping into Fall


Fall at MRF is a busy time. We have two families checking out later this month and a couple new families are moving in, along with those who use the suite. This week, we had a couple with WOL crash here for a quick break during their time visiting Stateside churches. Not sure where they’re located, but he’s from Papua New Guinea! We love the diversity of missionaries who come through here.

Brian has been working on new storage containers. They were purchased this summer – basically, they’re two tractor trailers that have been joined together. Our storage had been in the basements of a couple homes, but that’s just not always feasible. It’d be much easier to have all the extra furniture, kitchen supplies, etc, in one place, easily accessible, instead of trying to get into basements of peoples’ homes when we need something. So, these units were purchased and Brian has been working on sealing them together, siding the front of one, and putting in electricity. They’re insulated and have a large door to slide bigger pieces of furniture in and out. Now that they’ve been sealed, the next step is filling it with all the misc. stuff around the property. This is going to greatly improve our ability to inventory what we have and keep it all organized!

The cabinets arrived for Side B! On rainy days, Brian has been in the duplex getting the kitchen ready for the cabinets, then he will begin putting them together and getting them hung. It’s not an easy job, but it’s saving MRF a lot of money having Brian do it himself.


In between this, he’s been fixing heaters, repairing the plow, and jumping cars. Thursday morning when we got the call that a family’s car wouldn’t start and they had an appointment in less than an hour, we were so glad we were here to help them out. We got to thinking – man, what if they were just renting a place somewhere during this in-between time and didn’t know anybody who could just come and help them out? The joy of MRF is that we’re a community and able to help each other as needed.


This week is a fundraiser for E’s school that we’re both involved in. We’re just doing background – setting up and tearing down. We absolutely love her school and are glad we can help out with this event. If you’re in the area and bored Friday night, come on out for homemade pizza, brownie sundaes, and an auction! Next week, I’ll join E’s class for her first field trip. She’s so excited. Can’t say that I blame her. 🙂 We’re so proud of how hard she’s working in school. We were practicing her letters and blends last night and were so excited seeing her put letters together and reading simple words on her own.


As for me, I’m working on writing a training course and I’m in the beginning stages of two articles for BCM World. I’m thankful for a Wednesday night team who is rotating on teaching so I have fewer lessons to prepare each week. This allows me to focus on other areas. Today, I’m enjoying all three kids being sound asleep simultaneously… a rare pleasure. Someone’s car broke down in the church parking lot today and in true Brian fashion, he’s out doing his best to get it running for them. I absolutely love that he jumps in like this, and this time, we just knew God had this planned since the part that he thinks is wrong with their car is the exact same one he had purchased for our van awhile ago and hadn’t had time to put on. They need it more than we do; so glad we can do this for them. 🙂 In a bit I’ll be waking the kids up and sticking them in the van while I take family pictures for our neighbors. At least we’re never bored!


So, just because it’s good to share things like this: A week ago, Brian and I both looked through Big J’s clothes on separate occasions. Last Saturday, we talked and realized we had both come to the conclusion that Big J had basically no fall clothes since he grew so much this summer. You’d think we’d have learned that God knows this beforehand and even though we were surprised, He was not. Point in case – Sunday evening found us receiving 5 large bags of boy clothes from some friends. I’m not even kidding. Did they have any idea we needed them? Nope. It’s like God drops blessings onto our laps just to show us that He cares and is still in control. So, now, I’ll just ask you to pray with us about this — our van is having some pretty major issues. We’re not sure what to do with it or what to replace it with if need be. We need to make a decision fairly soon and just have no idea what’s best. Pray that God just throws open a window and shows us what to do! Obviously, He’s quite capable of taking care of our needs!


We hope your fall is as beautiful as ours has been! Thanks for praying for us!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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