Friday evening was the MRF Banquet finally. We had a full house! It was great to see some friends we haven’t seen in a few years and to have other friends come to show their support for us and the ministry here.


We had special music from Danny Funderburk (a former member of the Cathedral Quartet) and a short missions challenge from Kris Stout who is the VP of International Ministries in Word of Life.

Kris Stout
Kris Stout

It’s always interesting to see how missionaries are connected. I attended Parole de Vie Bethel (Word of Life Bethel) in Quebec when I was 18. The director at the time was Mark Strout, who is now the Executive Dean at WOLBI in New York. Apparently, he spent at least a year here at MRF back when he was studying at (what is now) Summit University (BBC). I find it fascinating how many people have been blessed by the ministry of MRF.

Last week began the fall programs for kid’s ministries at church. We had a poor turnout on Wednesday, but my team is praying that that changes soon! The program is great and everything is running smoothly; now to get the kids in the door!

This Saturday, I head to Lancaster for my first writer’s conference. I want very badly to improve my journalism skills for the BCM World, so I’m attending a conference on journalism being led by none other than my editor, Jeanette Windle. I’m looking forward to connecting with her and getting solid training so I can continue to become a better writer.

This is also the lead-up to our kids’ birthdays! Hard to believe that Joseph turns 3 on the 27th and Elena 5 on the 29th! Weren’t they babies just yesterday?! It’s going to be fun celebrating with these crazies next week.



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