Well, she’s successfully finished her first two weeks of Kindergarten! She loves her class and always has lots to tell us about when she gets home. She goes for a full day, five days a week, so it’s been a big transition, but she’s taken to it so well – she was obviously ready. She loves her school’s beautiful playground and was ecstatic to find out that she has both gym AND music class each week! She’s doing a great job; we’re so glad she’s there.


Joseph has adapted quite nicely to big sister being gone all day. There were tears the first day, but when we got home from dropping her off, he proceeded to dance around the living room yelling, “I get the house all to myself!” It’s amazing to me how easy having only two kids in the house is compared to having all three all the time! I’m getting so much more done! haha!


James rolls quite easily now and loves being up in his walker. He can’t go anywhere yet (thankfully), but he loves being UP and able to see what’s going (and let’s face it, with the other two around, he’s probably safer UP!). He’s teething, so he’s just one giant pile of drool all the time, but when he’s not fussy from that, he’s quite the happy little boy.


The 1st Annual MRF Banquet is coming up! We’re pretty excited about it and praying for a great attendance. We know the first of anything doesn’t always bring in tremendous results, but this could be different! 🙂 Many of the silent auction items were donated by missionaries around the world who have stayed at MRF.

sept board

September starts the fall programs at church. I have two nurseries, four Sunday Schools, three children’s churches, and one Wednesday night program to oversee. I’m doing best to have the main programs relate to each other. We are going to continue using the program Gospel Project, starting up this year with King David. Our entire church is having an emphasis on prayer this fall, so I’m going to be working with the kids on Wednesday nights to learn how to pray and hopefully, see God do some amazing things in their lives as they learn to pray for everything. You can be praying for the programs at church and for myself, that I would have wisdom in directing and coordinating and overseeing… etc etc.

Our newsletter goes out this week with more info! As always, if you don’t get it, but would like to, drop me a note.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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