August Summary

August has been a really beautiful month. The pavilion is done except for the bathrooms. A giant anniversary celebration was held there last Saturday so Brian worked hard last week completing the electricity. The suite finally has a porch and its own parking spot. It is completely handicap accessible – a huge plus. Everyone is back from their summer deputation trips so we have a FULL house (and I do mean FULL!). However, one family of six pulled out today and gets on a plane at 2am for Asia. We will miss them!

This was our birthday month. Brian and I finally had a date night – our first without James. We almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves! Almost. 🙂 The duplex is free, so when my cousin and her family stopped by from Wisconsin, we had a place to house them overnight. We’ve also been doing all the shopping and planning for sending E to Kindergarten tomorrow. We started out August not sure about finances and not sure about her wardrobe (she has a dress code to follow). We ended being confident that we can pay for her schooling (thanks to major help from the school!) and more than enough school clothes thanks to friends and friends of friends who were SO generous.

Fall programs at church are beginning in September. I’ve been trying to plan and have a few meetings. I’ll just be glad when we’re up and rolling again! Pretty much everything has fallen into place and I think the fall is going to go well.

Tomorrow we drop E off at Kindergarten. Joe misses his sister terribly when she’s gone for any length of time so I anticipate the rest of this week being very interesting! Pray for her (and us!) as we make this transition into having a kid in school!

I’ll be sure to put up pics next time!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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