Exciting Week

A number of great things happened this week:


That is the {mostly} finished pavilion! Where the basketball hoop is is where the former 30 year old pavilion stood. The new one dwarfed the old one!


Brian and three other men worked on shingling this week. Of course they picked the one week that was up over 90! They worked early in the mornings until it simply got too hot, then went back at night. Since there were four men, they were able to divide the work and finished in only two days. Thursday afternoon, the bulldozer arrived and the old pavilion was taken down.



The last thing left to do is the bathrooms, pictured above (middle room will be storage). It will be quite nice having outdoor restrooms available! I’m sure the CEF Day Camp will agree as they usually bring in a port-a-potty!

Wednesday evening while Brian was busy shingling, I had a very interesting conversation with Elena. The dad of a friend of mine passed away this week and I was explaining to her how I needed to attend the funeral, but that it was okay because he’s in heaven now. Before bed that night, she came to me asking questions about heaven and who will see there. I asked her how you get to heaven and she responded with, “By asking Jesus into your heart.” When I asked her if she’d done that herself, she replied with, “No.” Long story short, she ended up praying to receive Jesus as her Savior that night! She understands that she is a sinner and that Jesus died to take her place and forgive her from her sin. She believes that Jesus rose from the dead and she asked Him to come into her heart. It was the sweetest, most sincere prayer. It is just absolutely amazing being able to be there with your own child as they receive Christ as Savior! So, today in church, my dad – the pastor of our church – lit a candle in celebration of Elena getting saved. She didn’t quite make it up front in time to help light it, but she did give her Grandpa a big hug.


Also this morning there was a baby dedication at church. So, we went ahead and had James dedicated. It’s so special that my dad has been able to dedicate all three of our children.


I’m not sure what all Brian has planned for this week. I do know that we’re finally taking the kids to a zoo. Shhh… it’s a surprise for them. 🙂 The last time Elena was at a zoo, she looked like this:


Needless to say, she doesn’t remember.

Watch your inboxes for a newsletter this week! Thanks for tracking with us and praying for our kids!


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