Has it really been a month??

I opened up our blog this afternoon and the first thing I read was, “It’s been 30 days since your last post…” Woops. That month FLEW by!

For me, I spent the majority of the past month finishing up getting ready for Vacation Bible School at our church. This is a big endeavor and honestly I felt very out of the loop this year with having the baby so soon before the event. I had a great team that pulled together and did a phenomenal job. Without them, the week would not have been possible. We averaged close to 50 kids again. That was a disappointing number for me since we had planned and prayed for 80, but God brings who He wants to be there so I can’t argue with that. The program went very well – very smoothly! I don’t know of any children receiving Christ as Savior, but I know of 4 that committed their lives to missions, so that’s just as awesome. We focused on Thailand and the kids brought in an offering for our church’s missionaries to Thailand. They brought in $342.88 – in CHANGE! The boys brought in over $200. Awesome! My internet is not allowing us to upload anything this week, so pictures (if you’re not on Facebook) will just have to wait I guess.

While I’ve been coordinating that, Brian has been here working on both the pavilion and Side B of the duplex. He’s getting a lot of work on the duplex done in preparation for teams of contractors (some of the same ones who helped with Side A) to come in and do more of the heavy lifting, difficult work. Side B needs the entire kitchen since Side A had the existing kitchen. Over the winter, walls were torn down and a downstairs bathroom removed in order for the kitchen to go in. Brian has begun fixing walls, adding a window, and putting up sheetrock in the kitchen. He also built a laundry room and the door for that room.

The pavilion is coming along well and should be done by August, I believe. Brian and a few other men have been working on getting it ready for the roof. Next week the trusses arrive. It’s looking really great!

Elena is experiencing the hardships of our ministry as her next door neighbor playmate is gone on a month-long candidating trip with her family. I’m so glad she has the opportunity to make friends who are also MK’s, but the reality that her neighbor friends are going to constantly change is a difficult one for her to grasp. I found her on the see-saw this morning, sitting with her head down, tears pooling in her eyes. She climbed up onto my lap and expressed how much she misses her friend. Thankfully, they aren’t gone permanently yet! That day will be a very hard one, I’m sure. She also doesn’t quite realize that other friends here on the property are also leaving in August.. for Asia. That will be another difficult goodbye, especially since they leave for the field the day she starts Kindergarten. Talk about an emotional upheaval for our 4 year old! Pray for her if you think of it! If you know her, you know that she has always struggled saying “goodbye” – literally, for the first three years of her life, she simply would not say “goodbye” to anyone. She’s just recently begun saying “goodbye” to people – I hope these permanent goodbyes don’t reverse¬†that.

Joseph and James are doing great. James is growing like a weed. Apparently so is Joe as we keep putting outfits on him that fit in May that are now too small!

That’s it from NEPA for now. Enjoy your summer!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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