School, Magazine, Duplex, and More…

Since moving back to the States, we have been praying and thinking about an upcoming big decision: School for Elena. Though I taught school in Peru and thoroughly enjoyed it, I just have never been at peace about homeschooling our own children. Not having time is  just one of the many factors. We really wanted her in Christian school, but just did not  know if we could swing it financially. But, we went ahead and applied to a local Christian school out of sheer faith, knowing even under the best of circumstances, we simply cannot afford it. A meeting with the principal the week before James arrived, though, was confirmation that she should go there. Thanks to scholarships and grants available, some specifically for missionary families, our little girl will be a Kindergartner at Canaan Christian Academy this fall! What’s even better is that her Kindergarten teacher is not just a member of our church and a personal friend, but she and her husband attend our Life Group at our house, so E knows her! We are thrilled that she gets to attend her and are excited for her about this fall. If you think of it, though, be praying with us as we help her transition into this new stage over the summer.

Here at MRF, we are officially a full house! I rarely get to welcome new families since I’m at home with the kids, but yesterday I was out getting a home ready and was there when the new family arrived. It’s so much fun greeting a new family who’s never been here before and is obviously needing a home. There are now 19 children on the property! MRF stays booked through the entire summer and already most of the fall.

This week, we are finishing up Side A of the duplex! Furniture is in and arranged. Brian is finishing up some painting and putting the toilet in. We need to deep-clean, wash all the linens, make beds, wash dishes, and arrange the kitchen before the 19th…when the first residents arrive who happen to also be with BCM! We so love it when our ministries coincide.

The new edition of BCM World has been out for a week now. Brian’s layout is, as always, just beautiful. I know Nepal has been on everyone’s hearts and minds a lot lately. I encourage you to read the feature article by clicking here. The other article I think you should read is about my favorite thing, In Step with the Master Teacher, in Africa. Click here to view the full magazine.

Some of the family got hit with a stomach bug Sunday night. We’re praying no one else gets it, but are bracing ourselves for round 2 just in case. James is growing like a weed and definitely currently in a growth spurt, which means he’s eating almost constantly and outgrowing his cute newborn clothes. The other kids are loathing summer rain storms since it keeps them inside (most of the time), but are loving the fact that “summer” means “ice cream.”

Watch for pictures of the duplex! Can’t wait to show you the finished product.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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