Moving into June:

James is now three weeks old and the new rhythm of life is finally settling in. I returned to the office this morning, James in tow, though I’ve been working from home basically this entire time. It was nice to begin to get back into a routine. The main thing I’m working on right now is our church’s Vacation Bible School. Last year’s was a huge success, so we’re praying it goes even better this year. Our theme is “Thailand Trek” and will introduce the kids to a new culture. We’ll be communicating with our missionaries in Thailand and encouraging kids (and the church body) into missions. I am SO looking forward to it! Just need to find enough volunteers and we’ll be good to go!

Brian is ecstatic that Side A of the duplex is just about complete. The carpets were cleaned last week and they look brand new. It’s a little humorous — the ladies who originally lived in the duplex couldn’t afford to carpet the entire upstairs, so carpet pieces were donated and pieced together in the hallway, so nothing really matches. But, at last they’re now clean again!

Joseph and I walked up to visit Brian on Friday while Elena was out on a play date and the duplex looks phenomenal. Did I think to bring a camera? No, of course not! But, you can take my word for it – Brian and the men who have volunteered their time have done an amazing job. Friday when we visited, Brian was working on putting furniture together and arranging the bedrooms. The bathroom tile is done and he got the grout finished that afternoon. He’s working on pulling everything back out of the closets and putting the house back together. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m going to be able to help him make the beds and arrange the linens and the kitchen so he doesn’t have to do it all alone. The house is booked this month, so we’re right on time!

Brian is also busy finishing up the latest edition of BCM World. I just finished proof-reading it and let me tell you, you’re going to want to read this edition! It should go out this week. He’s also working (still!) on building websites for co-workers in NY. Thanks to James’ arrival and all that entailed, he’s fallen a little behind, so you can pray he can find the time and energy to get everything accomplished.

As for the family — Elena is a helpful big sister (even helping me with James as I type this). We are thankful for friends who come over to play and, like I mentioned, take her out on play dates. She’s such a social butterfly, she really needs those times. Joseph would live outside, tormenting the frogs and talking to our cat (who we have transitioned to an outdoor cat, much to his chagrin) under the porch. He gets covered in dirt and frog guts, is a mess of bug bites and sunburn, and is the happiest little boy you will ever meet. The two of them spend hours on the swingset and riding their bikes through the yard. Summer is such a blissful time of year!

James is growing like a weed – we estimate he’s up over 9lbs now and finally filling out newborn clothes. He’s sleeping from about 11pm-5am every night, for which we’re all thankful. He’s still very content and easy-going. We’ll see if that’s really his personality as time goes on!

Next time, I’ll try to have pictures to show you of the work and our growing kids. You’ll just have to check back in…


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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