Quick Recap

To be honest, it’s pretty quiet here! We are waiting on baby as my doctor is convinced he will come on his own any time now and that surgery is not necessary unless something happens. You can pray with us that he’ll come this week as I hit 40 weeks yesterday and we’d sure love to have him here soon – sans surgery!

Brian has been hanging near the house for the past week, doing odd jobs in the duplex and then lots of yard work around here just to help with the kids. The side of the duplex that is almost completed now has major issues in the bathroom which is upstairs. Brian is having to basically tear up the floor and the dry wall and start over. Even some of the support beams are in bad shape. So, the duplex went from “almost completed” to “needing lots more work.” Pray that he can figure out how to fix the bathroom, get the house in order, and yet be present for baby’s birth and the first bit at home.

The horrendous tragedy in Nepal also gave Brian additional work. Granted, it’s work he was glad to do! But, our internet has been sporadic for a long time now, so what should’ve taken a few hours took a couple of days. He was asked to do a mailing and some web design for BCM in order to send aid to our BCM missionaries in Nepal. You can check it out by clicking here. If you are interested in donating, the link to do so is at the bottom of the article. Our missionaries are okay, but the BCM church will need to be rebuilt and as of the writing of the article, many were missing family members.

The kids are doing okay. As the arrival of baby approaches, they progressively handle the idea worse. So, you can pray for us in this aspect as well – that we would be mindful of all they’re going through and know how to help them with the adjustment. We are so grateful to our neighbors here at MRF who have helped watch them last week and for my parents who are so close and helping out a lot, too. It’s nice living in this community – 2 of our neighbors have just randomly taken the kids for us, feeding them meals and playing with them to give us a reprieve.

Thank you for praying with us! Hopefully the next time I update, it will include a picture of our new boy!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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