Since our last update, the view outdoors has gone from this:


to this:


Finally! Winter was just interminably long this year. I know we’ve had long winters before, but when you have small children and minimal running space in your house, it just seems that much longer.

Easter has come and gone.


As much as we LOVE Easter and all the goings-on at church that week, I just couldn’t manage to go to it all. Brian ran sound for the Thursday evening communion service and the Friday evening prayer time. We skipped the sunrise service, much to our chagrin – it’s our favorite service. Brian headed in early to run sound and I made it in with the kids for the morning service. The church was packed!


I’m glad I made it; made for a nice last Sunday before baby arrives.

That Wednesday was our Easter party in Kidz Konnect which was really nice (probably even more so since I didn’t have to worry about having a part in it!).

I am now taking it easy until baby arrives. It’s nice to not have much else to think about except laundry and getting the house ready and spending time with the other two kids. We are slowly realizing all the differences between this baby and the other two, not the least of which is the fact that this will be the first time that we won’t be traveling or moving within the first three months of having a baby! I think that’s making me more frantic, though. Knowing we would be traveling or moving made it actually less stressful since I knew we would have almost like a second chance to get the house ready (or in J’s case, we didn’t actually have a place to “get ready” until he was five months old). This time around, this is IT! Either we’ll be ready or we won’t be – there won’t be a redo in a couple of months!

My mom was so sweet and threw me a “sprinkle” (instead of a “baby shower”) last week so I could celebrate with some friends the coming of the baby. It was so nice!

Brought a balloon home and Brian found J sound asleep that night, clutching the string with all his might!
Brought a balloon home and Brian found J sound asleep that night, clutching the string with all his might!

As for Brian, he’s enjoying the warmer weather and finding more things to do outside. However, that means he keeps getting distracted from the work inside. 🙂 He’s been doing a lot of painting and finish work in the duplex. It’s in the process of getting deep-cleaned so they can begin to move furniture in and get it ready for the first guests, which will be, I believe, the end of May. He’s been a big help – coming home early and taking the kids outside for me. He’s finding time somewhere in there to help with rearranging rooms and general housework, on top of building websites for missionaries in New York, setting up a drum set at church, and keeping up with the BCM website.


If you think of us, be praying for this transitional time. Our oldest, especially craves quality time and we are already seeing her temperament get a little more difficult as she senses baby is coming soon and her world is about to change. Pray with us that our new little boy would arrive healthy with no complications and that we would have peace in the coming weeks. 


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