This week:

Last Saturday, the 7th, a small work team came up to help out again. The apartment is booked this Friday, the 13th, so there was a big push to get things done. They will be pushing it to finish in time, but I believe it’ll happen! Someone came to clean the carpet in there today. There’s an issue in the bathroom that needs to be fixed, but it shouldn’t set them behind too much I don’t think. Then it’s just putting it back together and making it look pretty for its first residents!

The duplex is just about to the farthest point they can go as far as finances are concerned. People are willing to come and help, but the money is no longer available. Pray with us that God would supply the funds necessary to finish the duplex soon!

This Friday, is the pastor’s banquet. We’re looking forward to making connections with local churches and are praying for a good attendance as this is something MRF has never done before to our knowledge.

Brian is beginning new projects. A couple of our BCM co-workers from New York have asked if he would be willing to fix and update their ministries’ websites. He’s been corresponding with them and figuring out what needs to be done and is working on those websites in the evenings.

My training day is next Saturday already! I have 40 of my 55 volunteers registered! I am SO thankful for my co-worker and friend, Becky, who is taking on the bulk of the training for me. As much as I’d LOVE to do ALL the teaching since ISMT is one of my favorite things on earth, I just physically can’t this year. Thankfully, Becky is my first choice of teacher and I’m glad she’s joining me – plus it’ll be REALLY good to see her!

I have not been feeling well, though. My last trimesters have always been rough and this one is no exception. Just pray with us that I can hold out and keep going with my responsibilities until April. I’m kind of living week-to-week right now and evaluating each day as it comes. Chasing around two small children has definitely made this pregnancy very different than the first two! 🙂 This Friday morning, we have our final ultrasound. My mom went with me for the last one, so Brian is very excited to go this time and see his little boy. And yes, for those wondering, the name has FINALLY been chosen. But it’s still a secret. 🙂

The weather warmed up the last 3 days – amazingly! The kids were outside quite a bit today and it was SO nice having the sliding glass door between me and their constant screams of jubilation, as opposed to just a couch separating me from their excitement as they play.

Well, speaking of the kids, one is screaming that nap time is over and wants OUT of his bed; the other should probably wake up so she’ll go back to bed tonight… ’til next time…


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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