Skill Nite

This past week, we had yet another “Skill Nite” in our Kidz Konnect (Wed. night) program. These are the best nights of the month for our entire team as well as the kids who attend. So far this year, they have learned about outdoor survival, health and nutrition, the nursing home ministry, baking, and now sign language. Someone(s) from the congregation are invited in to share on that particular topic, with activities, and then they share their testimony at the end. It’s become a great way for the kids to get to know those who attend “big church” – and to hear a variety of testimonies. My desire is that by the time they leave 6th grade, they will be able to share their own testimony and the best way to learn is by having it modeled in front of them.

We were excited to invite in our sign language interpreter, Linda. She signs every Sunday for our small deaf church and we’ve even had families move down front specifically so their children could watch her sign. She does a phenomenal job and it really is fascinating to watch. I have no clue how she keeps up with the service!


During the course of the evening, she taught the kids basic signs that they got to practice (including their names and ages). She also went over the differences in signs – how some just are common sense, but some take memorization. She taught us a song and she had an infinite amount of patience as the kids asked, “How do you do _____ in sign language?” over and over!

Smaller group than usual due to bitter cold and impending snow, but better than nobody or a cancellation, that's for sure!
Smaller group than usual due to bitter cold and impending snow, but better than nobody or a cancellation, that’s for sure!
One of our kids trying to sign her name correctly so Linda could see what it is.
One of our kids trying to sign her name correctly so Linda could see what it is.
Practicing "Jesus Loves Me" in sign language.
Practicing “Jesus Loves Me” in sign language.

This morning in our worship service, the (small!) group of kids that were there came up front and signed “Jesus Loves Me” for the deaf church. It was so nice seeing them participating in the service and showing just a small fraction of what they’re learning Wednesday nights.

On the BCM front:

The next BCM World is slated to go out early March. I enjoyed writing a follow-up article on the first article I wrote for BCM World. Brian is in the final editing stages of the printed compilation of 2014’s BCM Worlds.

Here at MRF:

Construction continues on the remodel! No real big news to report, except that yes, progress is constantly being made. As of March 1, all of our homes will be full (except the remodel, of course), so that’s good news. As Brian was getting one home ready this week, he noticed so many little things that needed to be done simply because the home had sat for so long without residents. Pray with us that God would continue to bring people our way so we can keep the homes full throughout 2015!

And here at home:

The baby is doing quite well and as I’m now in the final trimester, I feel great. Only took me 7 months to get here, but hey, at least I got here, right?? He’s quite active now and we’re getting anxious to meet him. E asked me this week if she would be 10 before the baby gets here. I told her, “I certainly hope not!” Although it does feel that way sometimes! My health is still up and down as my thyroid is theoretically stable, but I can tell I’m not my usual self. I definitely have days where my one and only desire is to lay on the couch and sleep.

The kids are SO BORED with being inside. The weather here, like in most of the country, has been bitterly cold and I just can’t send them outside in it with good conscience. Not to mention that I, personally, would pay money not to have to be outside with them either! Today, we’re about 35* right now so Brian took the kids outside before the sun sets to FINALLY play in the snow. They are THRILLED. So is their mom! The house hasn’t been this quiet since November I’m pretty sure.

Oh, and then if you missed it on Facebook, our little 4 year old got her first real big girl haircut yesterday:


The bangs made her age a few years, I’m just sure of it! Her daddy about had a heart attack when she walked through the door. We’re just not ready for her to be so big yet! Not to mention I have a Kindergarten application sitting next to me waiting to be filled out. She BEAMS when we tell her she’ll finally be going to school…. somewhere!… in the fall. Pray with us as we make this all-important decision and that if God wants her in a Christian school that He would miraculously supply the funds.

This is looking to be a relatively “normal” week for us. I’m hoping to get back into our routine with the kids as last week was clean-up from being gone to BBC and then doctor’s appointments and meetings in the evenings. This week looks to be quieter. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

Have a blessed week! Stay safe & warm! And whoever is praying for the endless winter, feel free to stop now! Even E said in the car yesterday, “I like winter, but NOT THIS MUCH!” 


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