Coming up this week:

Well, a newsletter was supposed to go out tomorrow. But, sometimes the best of intentions are foiled by poor internet access. I have tried all week to get this newsletter to format correctly online and it is just not working. If I can get the glitches worked out – and our internet will cooperate! – you’ll get a lovely newsletter to your inboxes early this week!

In that yet-to-be-emailed newsletter, you would see that we are slated to be at Baptist Bible College this week for their annual missions conference. I have a number of BBC students who work with me in the children’s ministry, so I’m hoping they will be an open door to more contacts at the school looking into full-time ministry with children. We really enjoy representing, recruiting, and encouraging people into missions, so conferences are something we look forward to greatly. We won’t be taking the kids with us, so pray for my mom as she pulls double duty as Grandma this week and watches the kids for those three long days! At least we can be home at night, so that’ll help!

Brian had more help come out this week for the remodel work. But, he also ran into more glitches with the original structure of the house. So, even though things are coming along, they are now coming along a bit more slowly as they figure out quite technical, difficult electrical issues, among other things. This week, the work will slow down considerably as Brian will be unavailable most of the week. He worked overtime this past week to prepare in case anyone does come to work on their own, but he’s not sure if that will happen or not. Just pray that this week “off” will not put them too far behind.

I am looking ahead in the kid’s ministry. February is my month of prep for a number of things. On the 18th, we have our next “Skill Nite” in Kidz Konnect – this time our sign language interpreter will be joining the class and teaching them about the deaf community and culture and teaching some basic signs. On March 21, I will hold my 2nd “Recognition and Training Day” for my entire staff, which is well over 50 people if they all attend. This is a day of planning, prayer, and training. I look forward to it, but could ask that you pray that all the pieces fall into place, including peoples’ schedules. Then, in March I begin teaching on Sunday mornings during my team’s rotation for children’s church. By late March/early April, I’m hoping to back out in some areas in preparation for baby to arrive. So, I’m lining up people to take over and getting everything set so I can easily do so.

Looks like another snow/ice storm is moving through PA tonight into tomorrow. Little Man J LOVES the snow.


His big sister, who spent the first two years of her life in South America, is a bit indifferent. I feel bad for her little friends that come down asking her to play outside because inevitably she either refuses to go because it’s “too cold” or she lasts a full 10 minutes! Her brother certainly makes up for it!

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day this week. I know many complain it’s just a Hallmark holiday, but personally, I think it’s a great reminder to show others how much you DO love them because so often we take it for granted that they know.

Watch for that newsletter! It’ll come this week – formatted or not!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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