Happy February!

What a perfect way to start February — a giant snow storm! Brian being from South Dakota and me from Vermont, we actually aren’t used to having so little snow by February, so this is GREAT! Brian has spent the morning out “working” (I use that term loosely), moving the snow with a tractor. I shipped the kids outside – Little Man J lasted more than an hour before a freak-out involving cold hands. E lasted a whopping 20min before a glove came off and chaos ensued. Ah, the differences between boys and girls!

Brian had yet another work day on Saturday! What a blessing these days are, actually. Yes, we miss him as we have seen him less in January than we normally do, but the work is coming along SO WELL. This time, it was a group of men (mostly contractors) who called and asked if they could come out for the day. Who was going to tell them no?? They got so much done, though admittedly not as much as they would’ve liked thanks to different issues they came across. But, more plumbing and walls went up and the kitchen is getting closer to getting done.

The rec room for residents IS done and open to our current residents. Thanks to donations over the years of exercise equipment, it is well-furnished. Now, it’s heated, private, and available 24/7 to residents. What a great amenity to offer!

On the BCM front, we are gearing up for BBC’s missions conference next week. We don’t have a lot to do to prepare, but we want to be ready. I, personally, look forward to conferences and think it’ll be fun to connect with BBC.

Also with BCM, I’m working on my next article and Brian is wrapping up the first print edition of BCM World. I think I’ve talked about this every week lately. That’s because it’s really quite the process and he wants it done right and done well, so it’s taking a while.

February looks like it’ll be the month of prep – prep for the new remodel to open up (March), prep for my annual training day for the children’s ministry (late March), and prep for the baby (end of April). I’m already working on plans for my maternity “leave” and I’d like to have a lot of that figured out this month. Even though the baby is not due to arrive until the end of April, I just have a feeling like February will be the more productive of the last few months. But, we’ll see!

Pray for us this month that prep for all of the above would go smoothly and we’d get a lot accomplished!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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