Continuing On…

Last week, Brian had two days of helpers – a board member and a retired contractor. He so enjoyed having others helping with the project! It’s taking a lot of the stress off of himself. The work is coming along really well. The new bathroom in what will be a new apartment (the old office) is almost done thanks to the work the men did last week! The men working allowed Brian to get some other stuff done without worrying about getting behind. In the area and want to lend a hand? Let Brian know!

We had a sick little boy last week… ALL week. He ran a high fever with a cough most of the week, which made him quite whiny and clingy. That can be mentally exhausting and physically draining on the whole family! By Saturday, we realized not only had he been sick, he’s also cutting a molar! Poor kid. However, our church family is so generous. It was a difficult week and out of the blue, two different people showed up with meals on two different days. It was a wonderful blessing to all of us!

Brian is working hard on the print edition of BCM World. It’s looking really nice, but is very time-consuming, especially when he has to work on it at night after the kids go to bed! You can be praying he can finish it very, very soon. We especially want them done for when we go to Baptist Bible College in February to represent BCM! We’re looking forward to this time so we can connect with students about missions, in general and with BCM. It’s slated for about mid-February and is the only conference on our agenda this year with the little kids and the baby on the way.

If you missed the last edition of BCM World, you can read it by clicking here (and you can sign up to receive them in your inbox as well!). One of the articles I wrote in this edition was about our orphanage in Ukraine. Just over the weekend, the city where the orphanage was located (they were evacuated in the fall) was bombed by terrorists. The situation continues to deteriorate over there and our missionaries certainly need our prayers. The orphanage itself is lacking in supplies – you can read about it in the magazine and pray about whether the Lord could have you help!

We hope those of you further north and east are staying safe and warm during this blizzard! We were actually hoping to get a little more snow than what actually fell. Today, here in NEPA, is a very quiet day – definitely no blizzard here!!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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