New Year, New Post!

This blog has been painfully neglected for the past few months. Originally, it was because looking at a computer screen made me nauseous. Then, I just did not have the energy or time to write. Now, I feel like we need to begin updating you more often and letting you know a little bit more of what’s up in our lives, even if it’s just once every few weeks. New Year’s Resolution #1? Write on the family blog more often!

Since August, quite a bit has happened. Here’s a bullet-point summary:

  • Obviously, the big news, if you don’t already know this, is that we are expecting Baby Biegert #3 on May 3. We know it’s a BOY so Little Man J will have a playmate! I spent the first trimester very sick, we had a slight scare early on thinking I was miscarrying, but now things seem to have evened out. God is good – the baby is very healthy and should be here right on time.
  • At MRF, big remodels are still on-going. The pavilion is being replaced with a bigger, more functional one, complete with restrooms. It’s slated for completion this summer. Our co-workers moved out of the main house (Brian calls it affectionately, “the big yellow”) and so that house is being changed into a one-bedroom apartment (more like a hotel suite) and a duplex – each side having 3 bedrooms and one bath. The garage will be half supply room and half exercise room. It’s looking awesome. Brian spends most of his time working here- it’s keeping his winter months easily occupied. We look forward to being able to house even more families in the very near future.
  • We have almost a full house at MRF over the winter months, which is just great. Each family comes with their own unique background, experiences, and reasons for being here. If you think of us at MRF, keep them in mind as well. MRF is a place where people transition and transitions can be difficult. Amazing families here, but they sure covet your prayers.
  • At church, I worked on changing curricula and the fall semester went surprisingly smooth and changes were well-received. The six programs (including nursery) that I am in charge of are almost fully staffed (which means upwards of 50 people work in the children’s ministry!) and it’s been super enjoyable working with the team this fall. We have seen kids get saved and we are averaging 30 kids at our Wed. night program, including many unchurched, and visitors almost every week.
  • Also at church, I worked on writing and directing the drama at our annual Living Christmas Village the first weekend in December. I took a skeleton script from someone else and adapted it for what we needed, rewriting portions and changing it up. With a new layout, and despite the awful weather (rain Saturday night and bitter cold Sunday night!), we still had something like 1300 people come through the Village!
  • When it comes to BCM, we are both very involved in the writing and publishing of our magazine, BCM World. I have had the great privilege of writing about two articles every edition all year. I have interviewed people from all over the world (most recently, I did an article on an orphanage in Ukraine affected by the conflict there) and I have learned leaps and bounds about writing from my editor (and our President’s wife), Jeanette Windle, who is a writer and editor with Tyndale House in her right. Click here to read the latest edition. Brian continues to do everything with the websites and quite a bit with Facebook. He gets the magazines laid out and put online (which is a LONG process!) and is working with a friend on putting together our first print edition of BCM World – kind of a “best of” from 2014 that we can have on display tables and such. He’s learned a ton about magazines and design and is doing a phenemonal job. We are slated to represent BCM at Baptist Bible College in February, but that is our only representing “job” this year with the two little kids and the baby on the way. Brian will not be traveling this year either because of the change in family dynamics, but hopefully next year he can get back to that.
  • On the family-front, I have been working on home schooling (in bits and pieces) E so that she has some form of preschool under her belt before Kindergarten next fall. We are prayerfully considering our options for school this year. She is excited to “finally” go to school! Little Man J is our big man who is easy to please and super friendly and happy. He started attending the 2’s and 3’s Sunday School and children’s church in September and since then his vocabulary has taken off. He still doesn’t feel the need to converse in full sentences, but we’re getting there. We decided this fall that it should be a priority to host a Life Group (small group) in our home, so every Tuesday we have a few couples who join us for small group. This was a stretch for me, personally, to open my home every week regardless of how clean it is or how well-behaved my children are that particular evening. But, it’s been a huge highlight of the fall months and we look forward to it every Tuesday night.

I have no idea how often I will be able to write on here, but I will sure try to do better! A newsletter should be going out soon; if you’re not on our mailing list (we do email only), please drop me a note with your email so we can add you!

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us through 2014. We simply could not be doing what we’re doing without your help and support!

Happy New Year!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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