It’s been a while…

Summer is halfway done and this blog has been embarrassingly quiet for far too long. 

Brian’s trip to Ireland has come and gone. It went very, very well. Brian and his teammate, Matt, got a lot accomplished while at Castledaly Manor. They did some pretty intense work that the board members and other missionaries simply did not have time for before camp began. To hear more about his trip, be sure you are signed up to receive our e-newsletters, which will go out the beginning of next week.

While Brian was gone, my big job was to keep the house running and the kids occupied so they wouldn’t notice Daddy wasn’t home. We visited friends, went to the library and playgrounds, and did activities at home. They were actually pretty tired by the time Brian returned.

The week after Brian returned, I directed Vacation Bible School for our church. I began the work back in February and it was amazing to see it come to fruition. It went off without a noticeable hitch. I had amazing volunteers who did SO much work. We ran 50+ kids all 5 days. I count it as a success.

Brian jumped back into work at MRF within a day of being home. Summer is our busy time, so we have lots of change-overs in short amounts of time. He has a few large projects he is trying to finish before fall as well – another topic to read about in our newsletter. 

Next week, I am “missionary of the week” at a CEF Day Camp here at MRF. I look forward to sharing with the kids about BCM around the world. 

Elena went with me to VBS and had a blast. She was so good and enjoyed the time SO much. The kids are enjoying a giant backyard and new sand pit that friends made for us. It’s been a beautiful summer and they are soaking up every minute of the sunshine. 

Again, watch for our newsletter next week. Thanks for praying for us while Brian was gone. Want to join him as he goes to Lima this fall? Contact us! We’d love to have you experience overseas missions first-hand.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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