Peru Night!

This week, we had the joy of having our friend, Lucho, visit from Peru. We picked him up Monday and he stayed with us through Wednesday evening. Too short, but we’ll take what we can get!


Wednesday evening, Lucho shared in both the youth group and Pioneer Clubs and I did the translating. This was a stretch for me, but I really enjoyed it and I think it went okay! Lucho’s testimony really hit home with the youth group and I was told by the youth pastor that it set the stage for the rest of their evening, which was pretty intense.

We made our way over to the kid’s area where we had a full house. I had invited parents to stay and quite a few took us up on the offer, which was great! Lucho introduced himself and went briefly through the Wordless Book, then we played games with the kids to show them what Pennies for Peru and Peruvian camping is like. It was so different than what they’re used to and Lucho did such an awesome job – it was so much fun! The moms joined in, the cheering was super loud, and the kids had a blast.

A week ago, I had announced to the kids that we were going to take up an offering for Lucho and his family to help fix their car back in Peru. I knew they needed about $120, so that was our goal for the next two weeks. The kids did a great job bringing in their cash on Wednesday, but I haven’t had a chance to count it yet. We have one more week! But… the “stress” of raising $120 has been lifted since youth group took up a spontaneous love offering and raised OVER the projected amount! The kids begged me to tell Lucho while he was still there, so I got to tell him his car can get fixed AND he’ll have a little extra. That was a fun announcement to make. 🙂

It was really awesome seeing the kids relate to Lucho and listen as he spoke. He’s a BCM missionary – we work with kids! – so he was awesome with them and kept their attention really well. My hope is that this opens up a larger conversation regarding missions with the children in the upcoming weeks.

Up next on the agenda: Teacher Training day in New Jersey at a Chinese church on March 8! Brian will hold the fort down as I go by myself at about 5am (ugh… coffee please??) to NJ and teach a few hours with my director. Then, it’s off to a missions conference near Philly where we’ll see Lucho one last time (sadness) and do some translating for him as we share classes. Hopefully shortly after that will be SPRING! 🙂 But… I’m not holding my breath.

Newsletter will be out soon! Not on our list yet?? Let me know! I’d love to add you!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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