Snow Days

[written yesterday, feb. 5, just didn’t have internet to be able to post it!]

Can everyone say, “Snow Day”?? We were slammed with almost a foot of snow overnight and haven’t left the property today.



My usual Wednesday evening program was canceled at church since schools were closed today. Brian spent the morning helping shovel everyone on the property out and now he’s out doing some basic repairs in someone’s home. The sleet keeps coming; it’s probably a good thing I didn’t have to go out tonight!

We are gearing up for our first road trip since August! We’re headed to Lancaster on Monday for Lancaster Bible College’s missions conference. This will be an experience and we ask for your prayers, specifically as we juggle children, our booth, and other responsibilities. Thankfully, we have babysitters lined up for the majority of our time there, but please do pray that the kids will adjust well to strangers!

We are definitely looking forward to the time at LBC, though. BCM has been working for awhile to create a partnership with LBC. It will be good to network and mingle with students and hopefully encourage some into missions, be it with BCM or elsewhere. We are both involved in Q&A panels on Tuesday and Wednesday and although it bothers me a bit because I like to be prepared and you can’t prepare for Q&A panels, it also intrigues us because of the topics we’ll be discussing! I know I will be answering questions on “Married Women in Missions.” We’re signed up for four others; we’ll know when we arrive which ones specifically we’ll be attending.

I am doing my own preparations for teacher training conferences. Even though they’re both a ways away, I want to be well-prepared since I will be doing two sessions that I haven’t taught yet. The more I use BCM’s teacher training material, the more I genuinely love it and am so glad I am a part of this ministry! I am ecstatic about helping present a seminar at our church in April! I hope everyone enjoys the day as much as I think they will!

The kids are sound asleep at the moment and the silence is wonderful!


Elena talks incessantly, not really about anything in particular, just talks to talk. Very typical girl. Joseph sings. Or screeches or just generally makes a lot of noise in whatever it is he happens to be doing. His new thing is to make little “mm mm mm” noises while he eats. Apparently he appreciates his food! But, it’s loud enough that we can’t get a conversation in very easily anymore!

We are so pleased that just during the month of January, we have noticed a change in Elena’s behavior. We were able to move her up to the 4’s and 5’s Sunday School class because of her maturity and she absolutely loves it. We still keep her in nursery simply because she can’t sit through the service yet, but the higher level Sunday School has really done her good. It’s funny – she really ended up there by accident. I got her checked in for class and was sidetracked by someone needing to speak with me, so I told Elena to go ahead and go to her classroom. I went to check on her later and she wasn’t there! She was in the other room, happily joining in with the big kids. Her teachers said she’d waltzed in and made herself at home! I tried to move her, but her teachers were so sweet and said they love having her and would like for her to stay. It’s a blast hearing her say her memory verse in the van on the way home and finding out what she’s learned that morning.

She also got her first haircut last week! We were pleased to see that it's no baby curls she has - those are full-on, forever curls that are so beautiful!
She also got her first haircut last week! We were pleased to see that it’s no baby curls she has – those are full-on, forever curls that are so beautiful!

Only one home here at the MRF property is currently vacant, which is really great news! We welcomed a family of five who serve in Japan as well as a family of four who serve in Kenya within the last two weeks. Brian asked our new “Kenyan” neighbors if the snow reminds them of home. Shockingly, it does not. J We have loads of children on the property right now and so if our schedules ever coincide with the travels of everyone else, Elena will have plenty of playmates! I can see two little boys bundled in layers of snow gear out my window at the moment. It’s so refreshing to hear voices at the playground these days.

We are SO EXCITED that in about a week and a half one of our Peruvian co-workers, and Brian’s closest Peruvian friend, will be coming to the States for a month! Lucho Bailly, whom many of you know, will be visiting churches in the area (and us!).

Tio Lucho with our kids, a month before we left Peru. Elena really did love her, I promise!
Tio Lucho with our kids, a month before we left Peru. Elena really did love him, I promise!

We’re sad that the rest of the family were not granted visas, but very excited to at least see Lucho. We’re not sure how often we’ll get to spend time with him as he won’t be staying with us, but we are still looking forward to it!

Thanks for praying for us next week! We’ll get some pictures and update you when we get back.


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