It’s COLD out there!

Nope, not enjoying the cold. Looking at the pictures of summer camp in Peru makes me yearn for warmer weather! As I write this, the thermometer is reading 19*F – and that’s warmed up considerably from the last few days. Well, if you live in the general North of the U.S., this is not news to you! I am learning that with the kids growing up, explaining that even though it’s sunny outside does not mean it’s warm enough to play outside is rather difficult. We occupy our time with dance parties, play do, activity books, books, and blocks. Elena and I also organized the shoe closet and went through her toys and books so we can purge the clutter that is her room! 

We do not envy Brian these days. The kids and I watch him bundle up every morning to go check the trailer houses that are unoccupied. The occupants have been only short-term in two of the trailers lately and unoccupied trailer houses can mean frozen pipes. He has been underneath two of the homes every other day with giant heaters to dethaw very frozen pipes. This is not exactly his favorite task, but wow, is it necessary! 

When Brian doesn’t need to be outside, he is indoors and working on the internet. His minimal web design skills are growing by leaps and bounds as he works daily on BCM’s website and as he designs MRF’s new website. The MRF website is going to look wonderful and will hopefully get the word out even more about this beautiful facility we’re privileged to work at.

Due to just normal wear and tear, I have been throwing out household items in a few of the homes. Some of the bedding has been around for years – and we all know how quickly things like pillows can simply go bad. One of my own personal goals is to redecorate some of the rooms in the homes. I’d like to take one home at a time, as they are vacant for longer stretches, and redecorate. However, if you know me AT ALL you know that this is a TALL order. My own home has white walls (minus my beautiful yellow kids’ bathroom that my amazing sister painted for me as my Christmas present!) and I am OKAY with that. I don’t even notice 90% of the time and the 10% when I DO notice, I have zero ideas on what to do about it.

SO, I would appreciate help! A lot of you are wonderful decorators and have design skills above and beyond my own – and you live in the area! Wanna come over some time and I’ll make us something warm to drink and we’ll wander in the homes and come up with a game plan on how to update and redecorate them? We could shop the thrift stores and online and see if we can’t make them modern and welcoming – yet neutral enough that people from around the world will still feel “at home.” Whatdoya think?? Any takers? I’m just looking for ideas – don’t worry, you won’t need to purchase a thing! 

We are also getting ready to do some representing of BCM Int’l! One of our absolute FAVORITE things to do! However, we have one tiny issue. Well, two, tiny issues. 🙂 Elena and Baby J are traveling with us to Lancaster Bible College in mid-February, but we could really use some help in watching them while we’re there. Specifically in the middle of each day while we do some back-to-back Q&A sessions. We will have a hotel room and the kids are really adaptable and fun to be with. I know some of you either live in the Lancaster area or know people who do. Could you help us out by passing the word along for us? This would be such a big help for us and we can get you more information. 

I shall leave you with this picture of the kiddos to tempt you into babysitting them for us… cuz I mean, really, who WOULDN’T want to spend time with these two clowns?? Endless entertainment.



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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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