As usual, we have hit the new year running! Redbox has become our new best friend as it forces us to sit down and do nothing for an hour and a half, together, as opposed to sitting on computers – together – or chasing around the kids – together. Sometimes, we just need to sit and do NOTHING … together. I’m sure you know what I mean!

Yesterday, we were the guest speakers at a small, local church. It was a contact I had made this summer when I was the “Missionary of the Week” at a VBS at another local church. I taught the Bible Lesson to a small Sunday School class, in which Elena was one of my students!

Can I just insert a sidenote here? Elena is only 3 and so at our church, she’s still in nursery technically, though she attends Sunday School for her age. But, I have never seen her sit still for more than a few minutes at a time and I’ve certainly never seen her stop talking for more than a few minutes at a time! Yesterday, however, all the children were expected to SIT and be QUIET during the entire hour-long Sunday School. Lots of singing and verse recitation – but never were they allowed to stand or move around or speak. And my little extroverted, wiggly, string bean of a preschooler actually did it! I was SO proud of her!

During the morning service, someone graciously stepped forward to babysit Joseph (which was good because he’s double the amount of energy of his big sister!). Elena wiggled and giggled through most of the beginning of the service as she sat with some new “friends” (this child has never met a stranger, let me tell you!) and then all the kids were dismissed to children’s church, so Elena was ecstatic to go back there!

Brian and I had the next 40 minutes even though neither of us are preachers. I shared our testimonies and how God has led us over the years and then Brian followed up with a challenge to serve the Lord with the talents He has given us, no matter what they are. We had a great response. People thoroughly enjoyed our presentation (“It went so fast!” “I could listen to you all day!” “Thank you so much for sharing!” … great ego boosters of statements!) and we had a few come and tell us how they were challenged to serve the Lord. One lady has even offered to use her gift of sewing to come and custom-make new curtains for one of the MRF homes that is in desperate need of them!

Our co-worker has had a slight accident and he will not be able to plow or do outdoor work for the next 6-8 weeks, so that means Brian will be up and at ’em whenever it snows and doing just some additional outdoor work on the property that Don normally takes care of. Pray for Don that he will heal quickly!

Brian worked all last week – and I do mean ALL last week – on the BCM website and they finally got the BCM Store up and running! Do you need some good quality children’s ministry material? Check out the site here! Even if you’re not in need of anything, feel free to check it out and “ooh” and “ahh” over the work Brian and his team have done recently. The website is looking really nice!

We are gearing up for some representing of BCM during February. We’ll be going down to Lancaster Bible College and then somehow splitting at least some of our time and going to Baptist Bible College as well – their missions conferences are the same week! We’re looking forward to being a part of 4 Q&A panels at LBC, though it’s hard to prepare for something like that. Pray with us for sitters for the kids during those days so we can both attend simultaneously and not need to take turns.

We are bringing back BCM’s magazine – BCM World – in the very near future! And the best part?? I get to write for it! My first article assignment is fascinating and I can’t wait for you to read it in a month or two!

March is more representation and a teacher training conference. April is another teacher training conference. And then it’s almost summer! This is all, of course, in the midst of normal week-to-week ministry, work, and life.

Please pray for us as sometimes our work load is quite heavy. We absolutely love what we’re doing and each ministry is so unique, but it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s just a lot some days. Pray we balance well and get it all accomplished to the best of our ability to the glory of God!

One more, very urgent, prayer request is for this gentleman here on the left:

dr dalavaiThis is Dr. Dalavai – director of BCM India and Africa. This man has personally baptized 100,000+ believers and been instrumental in starting 15,000 churches across India. He is an amazing man of God and our BCM President’s right-hand man. He is incredibly sick right now. Some surgery complications back in November have left him in and out of the ICU since then. The Lord has been gracious and he is still with us, but our Great Physician needs to step in and do something soon for Dr. Dalavai to continue to be with us. Please pray for him and his family. He is in India with his wife and some family while other family members are Stateside. We had the privilege of meeting him a few years ago and it’s a memory I cherish. Great example who has been used greatly by our Lord. Pray with us for God’s will to be done in his life.



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